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One Month...Success!
Sunday, September 28, 2008      6 comments

Hey, been wanting to blog for a while but I just couldn't find the time... Anyway, here I am, a month has passed since I last check in here (the blog, been tracking pretty often) and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. As it turned ou... Read more
Week 1: Hope, lessons and stuff
Sunday, August 31, 2008      4 comments

This past week was my first week being 100% committed (ok, 95%) to losing weight again. I've been thinking and reflecting a lot about this lately and I came up with some thoughts I'd like to share: - I was greedy, a lot. Why? Because I was ... Read more
Back to square.......1?
Sunday, August 24, 2008      4 comments

Well...No, not really, this is not square one for me... This should be something like square 65 in a 100 squares game...I'm more than halfway done here...But I had a few set backs..here goes the story of how I've got stuck: Feb '08 moved ou... Read more
2007 Goals Revisited
Tuesday, August 14, 2007      4 comments

I've made this list of goals for 2007 back in Jan and wanted to repost them so they would be on top of my blog and remind my self of what I want. March 07 -- 187 lbs/85 kilos -- ACCOMPLISHED!! July 07 -- 180 lbs/81 kilos -- ACCOMPLISHED!!... Read more
Still -50
Wednesday, July 18, 2007      2 comments

Two weeks later and I'm still under 180! last week was kinda scary cus I knew I put on a pound or two but refused to WI so I wouldn't get discouraged. This week I WI and I see that I've 'only' put on 0.1lbs so that's a good thing cus I'm still k... Read more
50 Pounds lost!!!
Wednesday, July 04, 2007      5 comments

So today I WI and see this numbers on my scale (a kilo scale) and immediately think: "WHAT? is that real?". According to my scale I've lost 1.5k in a week or what is equal to 3.3 pounds. So then again I think: "Did I make it to the 170's!?"... Y... Read more
Calling all Food Patrol Officers
Thursday, June 21, 2007      8 comments

I've been having a bit of a hard time with food lately and I just decided to make my food records public. I'm hoping that this will help me refocus on what I'm eating and its quality; knowing that someone could read my daily log makes me want to... Read more
CT MAY Member of the Month
Monday, May 07, 2007      7 comments

Today I was honored with the CT Member of the Month award and I couldn't be happier. As I said on my 'thank you' post, helping other has helped me in many ways and I've learned a lot of new things that changed my life for good, for that I ... Read more
Long time overdue
Sunday, April 22, 2007      3 comments

I've made this list of goals for 2008 back in Jan and forgot (or neglected) to post it.... maybe cus I thought I wouldn't be able to live up to it, but here it goes: March 07 -- 187 lbs/85 kilos -- ACCOMPLISHED!! July 07 -- 180 lbs/81 kil... Read more
Something to think about
Thursday, April 12, 2007      1 comments

I will post something I found on an old magazine I got the last time I went to the US that I think you're going to like. --- from a Nike or Adidas Ad --- A WOMAN IS OFTEN MEASURED BY THE THINGS SHE CANNOT CONTROL. She is measured by ... Read more
- 20 kilos lost reward!! -
Sunday, March 25, 2007      2 comments

Uf! it's been a long time since I've post here for the last time. A few weeks ago I hit my 20 kilos (42 pounds) lost and I decided I should get a BIG reward and being that most of my clothes now hang on me, I decided to buy new, fancy, flatterin... Read more
Wear a Bikini? ME?
Thursday, January 04, 2007      2 comments

Yes. That's my new year resolution. I want to be able to wear a bikini by next summer (January 2008 since I live in the southern hemisphere). Here's my action plan: - Eat within my calories most days, no more treats for me. - Eat mor... Read more
Friday, December 29, 2006      0 comments

Today a friend from college visited me. She moved to Ohio a year after we graduated and she didn't come back to our country till 4 years later. She was very amazed with my weightloss... last time she saw me I was 230 or so, so being that I... Read more
WI - Scale moving again!!
Saturday, December 23, 2006      1 comments

I was yo-yoing for a bit this month but finally the scale decided to be friends with me and it only went down this week. It said I was 187.7 which is pretty good to me. I've lost 4 pounds since December started! woohoo! Aldi/Aldana... Read more
Last WI -- good news!
Friday, December 01, 2006      0 comments

The scale is finally moving, not a lot but moving. I lost 1.5 pounds trough November and already lost 0,3 pounds this week. Small things add up, right?!... Read more

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