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T is for tender--being tender with myself!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

T is for .....

i"m beginning not to feel good, there's been a three day flu going around where I work and I wonder if I'm next? Rats if I am, cause family is coming in for Christmas.

Under the street lights I have to declutter my car, and tonight is the only time that I have to do it. I've been procrastinating.


Also, I ate supper out tonight at a spaghetti place where I use to eat lots and they have downsized their portions. It is hard to walk away from the table still hungry. It takes a few minutes for the brain to realize that there is fuel in the syste

But I haven't eaten there in a long time and it was my hideaway when I first moved here. Whenever stuff got too much, I headed there and had my favorite spaghetti, mm... tonight it was still good. Only I wanted some garlic bread and it didn't come with the meal. Rats again........

I like to read right? So I've never focused on the New York Times Reading list, right? So when I was at the library last week to get any of the books, you had to put your name on a list. So, I said ok, and had her put my name on all 15. This way as the books come in, I'll be able to sample new writers. I like historical novels, so you can learn about the different time periods.

Now, I have three of them in the car, and it will be tourcherous to leave those alone until I get the car clean.

Well, off to get my clothes changed, and clean out the car.

After Christmas, got the car decluttered but not swept out. And I got everyone Christmas gifts and I drove my daughter back and met her boyfriends parents.

My kids told me that their dad is going in for a biopsy tomorrow, and the prognosis isn't good. He's been fighing cancer for 4 years. and well, what can I say. I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone, and he wasn't nice to me. Surprisingly, after the kids told me, I really had a rough day or two, thinking of him and maybe there is always a tie to someone whom you've had children with.

Financially, I should not have driven my daughter back, yet, if the rules of sparks apply to other things in my life, I needed a break from the financial diet that I've been on. I've eaten more, but it hasn't been junk food. I ordered protein, veggies, drink when I've eaten out, and there wasn't much inbetween food. I haven't swam or walked, but will start back tomorrow as well as focusing on keeping the car clean, and vacumming it, I'm ok through January, but by the 31's I need to add employment to what I'm doing, and start increasing it. I paid cash for Christmas and owe nothing on what I bought and now have a better idea for next Christmas. By next Christmas I want to have a gift for everyone and some extra to hit the sales.

The food? And exercise? Continue what I've been doing only increasing it when I have it.

Take care!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm commenting on your last two blogs.

    Tender... I love that, I always allow myself if I'm feeling sick to lie back and relax for a bit. It seems to me that when our bodies are sick it's their way of saying, slow down, eat soup, drink tea, take some quite time. I hope you are feeling better. Your blogs are always a couple of days behind the times.

    About weaning yourself off of sp. I know that I am indulging myself here too. I always seem to have to have some obsession going on, games, computer, reading, eating, some escapism activity. As far as escapism goes though I've done alot worse than this site. I'll use this site to get me through this winter and then I'll have to do my own weaning and replace it with some other obsession.

    About driving your daughter home. My mother is always making these sacrifices so that she can give me something at Christmas or uggg when she passes on she says. I always tell her that what I really want is not money but her to be able to do the things she enjoys and to be able to spend time with her. I don't know your situation, but sitting here it looks like a great financial decition to me.

    Sorry for being so butt-in-ski. Happy new year.
    4923 days ago
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