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My thyroid battle

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I hashimoto's thyroiditis. Unfortunately mine wasn't a quick diagnosis. I was 11 and I became very hormonal and my mother asked the doctors to test me for hypothyroidism (because she has it) but they told her I was too young and I was just an out of control adolescent. So they pumped he up with psych meds and I ballooned, gaining 80lbs in one month (107lbs to 188lbs). I had to get stitches where my skin had literally ripped open. I to this day have what I call tiny silver rivers from head to toe (stretch marks).And when I say head to toe literally I have them on my feet and my jaw line. My diagnosis of hypothroidism wasn't until I was 16 and out of every mental and residential facility . . I was put on synthroid and I was. . as they put it . . "Cured" been fine ever since . . but the weight has never come off.
I started on .80mg of synthroid now I currently take .225mg which comes in too different pills and my insurance doesn't cover brand name so I only end up taking the .200s because it's cheaper.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis . . It's when your body starts attacking the thyroid gland (autoimmune disorder) and it basically starts looking like swiss cheese.

I was wondering does anyone have a problem with wanting to take their pills? I dont always take my pill like I'm suppose to because I hate taking pills period.
I think its related to having to take every pill from here to mars when I was growing up.
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    Hi Cass, I haven't heard from you in a while and thought I'd look in on you.
    Due to multiple ailments, I have to take a fistful of pills every day just to
    function, so it's gotten to be more habit for me than anything.
    You just need to look at that little thyroid pill every day and know it's the
    thing that's going to make your body function better and help your mood improve.
    Hugs, Sandy
    4746 days ago
    i was hospitalized and on meds as a teen... i'm back on antidepressants now, chiefly to help with quitting smoking but they're definitely not bad in general... but yeah sometimes i feel annoyed that i have to take a stupid pill!!! then i try to think of it like a vitamin, something i need because my body just doesn't produce enough of its own. it's ok. i hope you feel better. please stay in touch with me. i think we have a ton in common and i'd like to help you in any way i can. hugs!!
    4820 days ago
    I'm afraid not to take my Effexor. I didn't quit crying until I was prescribed it at 24! I'm just terrified that it's really my thyroid, though. Not because I'm afraid of thyroid damage, but I'm afraid of how I will feel to know that so much of my life was so much harder than it had to be... Anyway, I just wanted to mention that Armour Thyroid has to be cheap; it's ancient, properly balanced between T3 and T4, and safe. (Some company decades ago sold something else as Armour Thyroid, and it's reputation got tarnished. However, it wasn't even the Armour Thyroid people.)
    4822 days ago
    I do not have your condition. But I do have to take medication on a daily basis.

    I can tell you that I am not thrilled to have to take pills but I know that the quality of my life has improved greatly since I take the medication. Look at it as something that will improve the quality of your life.

    try to view this differently than what happened to you as a teen. I am sorry that you had such a horrible experience..

    I wish you well on your journey towards better health..


    4825 days ago
    I don't have a problem about wanting to take my pills, but I occassionally forget them. One of the thingds about thyroid problems that is a bit depressing when you are young is that you will have it forever, and you know you always will have to take the medication-it made me feel old at first. At any rate it feels much better when my throid levels are correct so that makes taking that one pill every day worth it!

    Good luck!

    4826 days ago
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