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Have sucked for the last month

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Well, I have basically sucked for the last month. I have been so busy with so much different stuff that I have gotten off track. I have started the process on ebay of selling most all of my stuff and that is taking up a huge amount of time, I've been trying to get more stuff done around here, and I admit that some near on line areas of my life, such as livejournal as taking up more time. So all of that has hampered my weightloss goals.

So I guess I need to spend the rest of this week doing some time management work and getting myself set up on a better schedule so that I can fit everything in that I need to for the goals that I am wishing to change.

Give me a week to try and get my butt in gear!
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    LOL, Vicky! I love your sense of humor. Wish that would work, but I'm afraid everyone would be wanting to sell and no one to buy! Thanks for the giggle!

    5042 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2044241
    Well, all righty then! Guess you have been fussed at and loved on. Now lets' just get it in gear and remove the excess weight. Can you list it on ebay? I'd like to try it if it works! We are here when you need us.
    5042 days ago
    Thank you all so much. I appreciate the encouragement from each of you and it means a lot to me. I am trying to work on my time management a little better and am trying to get a little better grip on things this week. LOL, I'll let ya know how it turns out. :o)

    Thanks again folks. I truely do appreciate you!
    5042 days ago
    Go a little easy on yourself my friend! At least you haven't toatlly forgot your goal and managing your weight loss. That is 'my' biggest thing...weight management.
    I, too, am very busy, and I don't know how to make out a list of the things that need to be done in the order they should be done. I'm kind of 'slow', too, so the world seems to pass me by.
    So you had a 'sucky' month. I'll trade you 'weight' if you want? Just joshing you. Just start trying to work on the managing part of your life, and start anew the next month. But don't increase on that 'sweet tea'!!! ;-) You know what that does. Just one day at a time...sometimes less. I find when I'm the busiest...I forget all about over-eating.
    And I keep pushing the 12 glasses of water per day. That's the only thing I drink besides ½ glass of skim milk for breakfast on my cold cereal. I lost 6 pounds this last month! So I'm down to 420 pounds! I can't wait to 'crack' that 400 pound barrier. Then I'm going to give you a real run for your money, friend.
    Keep on truckin'!
    5042 days ago
    Mark, if there are alot of challenges in your life right now, then you can't take too much on in the weight loss area. Scale back a bit and focus on one or two things. For me, "food management" was the best hurdle to overcome. I lost 70 lbs pretty much by fully managing what I ate. I did very little exercise. I'm not saying this would work for oyu, but it's a thought. Good luck.
    5043 days ago
  • DONMAR21
    Mark, the others are right you need to lose weight for your health. Everything else follows. Without good health you won’t be able to do the other things you need to do. Like Dee said maybe you can set a goal in each area and be able to work on all of them at the same time. Donna
    5043 days ago
    I agree with Shriley, list out what needs to be done and prioritize it. I know you have some tough choices as caring for your dad and earning a living are just as high if not higher than your health. Maybe you can set one goal in each of those areas so you're working on all of them but not overwhelmed by any of them. Balance is the key, I think for you. But like Shirley said, if you don't take care of your health, you won't be able to take care of your dad, earn a living, or do the other things on your list.

    5044 days ago
    You go Shirley! Tell him!! He's done so much to motivate everybody else -- 100 people Mark :)) That is awesome and we want to see you succeed as well! I've missed ya terribly and am glad your back. You do need to manage that time of yours and make sure that you are a number one priority. You have people that care! ~ Meh
    5044 days ago
    Mark, quit beating yourself up right this very minute. It will do nothing except make you depressed. Okay, you haven't been focusing on your weight loss journey. You've been busy focusing on other parts of your life. You need to sit down and write all the things you need to do in your life on a piece of paper. Now start numbering them from 1.....being the most important thing in your life......to ?...........being the least important thing in your life. Listing weight loss journey as number 1 is very important. If you don't start losing the weight you are not going to be able to do all the other things that you feel you need to do. That's another thing you need to decide.....do you NEED to do all these things or are they just things you WANT to do. Our needs are more important than our wants. For example: I need to lose weight so I will be healthier. I want to lose weight so I will be more attractive. The need for losing weight for your health is a lot more important than just wanting to look more attractive. I'm sorry if I'm being hard on you this morning.......it's just that I care about you and want to see you healthier. And remember this too..........you are the one that got us all involved with SP. LOL Hugs, Shirley
    5044 days ago
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