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Insight Into Learning... today's Healthy Reflection

Thursday, August 16, 2007

There is no difference between living and learning...it is impossible and misleading and harmful to think of them as being separate. - John Holt, author
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So very true... we often talk about 'lessons learned' at work but funny enough I've never thought to apply the theory behind reviewing events and learning from them to my "life".

What has your own life taught you?
- hmm... my own life has taught me that there are going to be people in my life that won't be "supportive" of me the way I WANT them to be - it's just "not in them" to be how I want... sort of like the you can't change someone else!

What experiences have brought you to where you are now?
- I have learned that I can do the treadmill and increase my time/distance and endurance
- I have learned that I can even RUN on my treadmill... not for a long time but I CAN still do it!
- I can make better choices when I eat out... I need to put more thought into ordering... french fries while they taste fantastic are no match for a great garden salad at my favourite restaurant
- I am in control of my journey... no one else... just me and as long as I am making the best choices possible then I know I can be successful
- I know that if I make a bad choice I have only myself to blame...no one is FORCE FEEDING me!!!!

Think about what it takes to overcome the roadblocks in your life.
- my roadblocks are
1) time management
2) occasional lack of support by my family

To overcome these roadblocks
1) time management - will be making a calendar - scheduling in my evenings... dinner will be at 6:00 - exercise will begin at 7:00
2) lack of support - tell family members what type of support I need/wand from them - be specific! - like don't want to be told - should you be eating that... but more like a 'cheerleader'...like more of my friends are!!!

What skills do you need in order to achieve you goals?
- practising the organizational skills I use at work at home

WIth the right attitude and the tools in hand I can be successful!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow what an insight! You have the knowledge like most and like you I do have to make the better choices in what I put in my mouth. I have now trained my hubby to NOT make the comment that I can't have that. I seem to be in much better control now because of spark.

    You go girl and we will loose together.
    Love your pics

    5008 days ago
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