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I have always adapted well to change.

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

I attended 3 high schools back when "leaving one's friends" meant REALLY LEAVING them unless we wrote letters.
In 2021 we have so many alternatives to stay connected to the friends we have made here

The Spark community is what made this place special. That was our strength.
The name said it all – SparkPEOPLE
As individuals, we could have found tools anywhere and advice from experts has always been just a google search away.

Instead we were one tapestry woven with the threads of our individual journeys.
One quilt composed of multiple “squares” of special focus teams
We each had our own journey but settled into personalized niches under one large umbrella.

Our strength is still evident as Sparkers are stepping up to link us together through websites, google groups, FB special interest groups or just plain sharing email addresses.

I’m very glad that Chris is healthy and this change was to pursue the more lucrative corporate model rather than because of a health issue

I will always be grateful for his book that turned my husband into the “Stealth Sparker” and ultimately saved his life.
Joe’s doctors were quite clear that if he hadn’t been “in good shape” he never would have survived his emergency brain surgery in 2016, let alone made a full recovery at age 71.

Ironically, Spark Guy echoed that same advice in his blog regarding his own brain surgery in 2018.

My brain tumor story

As for the shut down, I saw the writing on the wall quite awhile ago.
In my life I’ve seen enough “benign neglect” of buildings, companies, organizations and websites to know something must be in the works

I have maintained my own website since 1997 and now all my blogs are located there as well. They are a record of my wonderful 12 year Spark Journey, a very important part of my life.

When I joined SP in 2009, I was a hermit.
It took me 3 years to write my first blog and as I wrote then, my only friend was the “guy whose job it is to be my friend.” Yes, Spark Guy.

Suddenly, MJZHERE added me as a friend. Little by little I learned the power of this community.
I have never deleted a friend. Even when they fell silent, I always hoped they would return.
Now I see one page after another “going dark”

Next Tuesday will be my 74th birthday and I will celebrate the fact that SP set me on a healthy path and 11 years of maintaining my goal weight

I often wrote that I logged in every morning for my “daily dose of motivation”
My motivation came from connecting with individuals but in the end motivation must come from within.

We are all an “Experiment of One.” May you all find the path that is right for you



The link there to my home page gives more information
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your blog is so emoticon . And I couldn't agree with you more about the importance of each and every member of Spark. We shared so many moments together and helped each other through the rough times as well as celebrated the good. We will take what we have learned and use it in the areas where it helps the most. I will miss Spark, but I also know that I will continue to learn from other sources. It is definitely NOT the end.

    I wish you the very best and have enjoyed you and your blogs. Take care..............

    34 days ago
    wow your page is fantastic! So glad I can follow you there. I'm curious how you did all of that! Also, I am Czech background as well. Hugs
    36 days ago
    Love this
    36 days ago
    36 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3802882
    emoticon You have beautifully expressed what many of us are feeling. Sadly, I will be closing my account today. I hate long goodbyes. I’m leaving SparkPeople as my decision and not theirs. Like you, I began to see a lack of attention to the site last year and I wondered what was going on with SP. This is only a guess, not fact, but I have to wonder if they intended to close last year but kept it open because of the pandemic. If that was the case, I’m grafeful.
    37 days ago
  • DSJB9999
    This blog is wonderful as usual and tells your story. Happy Birthday! emoticon emoticon emoticon You have done an amazing job of saving your wonderful blogs over the years, very well done Eileen emoticon emoticon Donna xxx
    37 days ago
  • no profile photo CD27776177
    You will be missed
    37 days ago
    A sad time for me
    38 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    38 days ago
    Everything in life moves on - I too have been so glad of SparkPeople and have learnt a great deal from the site. Including most importantly, making international friendships and maintaining good habits such as daily exercise and good nutrition. Good luck for the future. xx

    38 days ago
  • THINCPL2004
    I for one will continue to read your blogs. Many continued blessings and Happy Birthday
    39 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2234490
    39 days ago
    God has given you a beautiful gift to express what we are experiencing. Thanks for sharing this expression. I have enjoyed your blogs and each I read has been on target. You remind me of the blessings of SP and, Chris, who was given the inspiration. With gratitude, Gail
    39 days ago
  • MISSY455
    emoticon Best wishes for continued success!
    39 days ago
    I'm so glad they chose to spotlight your blog. I saw much that was worthwhile in it.
    Lord, love a duck -- I'm happy to see a change in authors!
    39 days ago
    Eileen, I thank you so much for your inspiring positive attitude and the way you shape your life as you want it. It's really hard to believe you were a hermit when you started here, for you have touched many of our lives. I'm so glad there's a way to keep up with your adventures and thoughts. Thank you for the links.

    Also, I read Sparkguy's blogs about his health scare, and it brought tears to my eyes. I will miss this site a lot, but I am so grateful that he changed our lives in such positive ways. He had a part in saving your husband! He must have inspired many others to get stronger and healthier.

    Thanks for being such a great Spark friend!
    39 days ago
    emoticon You've given a fitting farewell tribute to this community. emoticon
    39 days ago
    I've always enjoyed your blogs and different perspective, it feels like we are all at graduation. Some of us will see each other and some of us will have memories! Onward & Upward!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    39 days ago

    Thank you for this blog - heartfelt words. I, too, am sorry to see pages going dark already. I love this community.

    I love how you were able to preserve your blogs! Very cool.
    39 days ago
    I'll have to go back through and look for your web page info.
    39 days ago
    Thank you for your inspiring words. Seems like Sparkpeople has made a huge difference in so many lives.
    39 days ago
    Good for you. You've grown and will continue to grow. I am 75 and have been Sparking for 10 years. I'll miss what we had too, but will follow my favorite team as they continue to look for venues to keep us going, the 5% Challenge. Our last challenge begins today. It will be a bittersweet last 8 weeks.
    39 days ago
    "Stealth Sparker" haha: I like the term. As a confirmed introvert, I've been a kind of stealth sparker here since 2006 and I'm still really reflecting on all I've learned over the years. There's absolutely nothing that can take away all of that. I just have to figure out how to make adjustments so I can continue to apply what I've learned in the new situation. And yes, thank you, I have your website bookmarked! In spite of the disappointment, I really hope that we can end this era with gratitude for Spark Guy and everyone else who've been sharing their insights in order to help us.
    39 days ago
    Finally found a path for me. Now going to need a new one
    39 days ago
  • no profile photo GREYTDOLPHIN
    I've moved a lot and gradually lose touch with friends (at the time). Will miss everyone but will especially miss your blogs. You have a unique perspective. Thanks so much and will try to follow you. I don't do FB so will lose touch. But on the positive side I'm getting a lot more done at home. Thanks for the memories of wonderful blogs.
    40 days ago
    Thank you for this! I'll see you again, hopefully here!
    40 days ago
    Happy Early Birthday.

    Great blog and I agree with all you said. I have stayed active on here because I have met some wonderful friends. I tried the FB sites but they were confusing. So when I closes in August I will be saying good bye to a lot of wonderful people.

    I wish you all the best in the future. May you get as healthy as you can and just relax and enjoy life.
    40 days ago
    Staying connected is so important to me!
    40 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    40 days ago
  • _LINDA
    emoticon Yes, it was clearly evident this site was being neglected with no new material for quite some time. That didn't really matter as it was the people that was the most important. Friends who aren't on FB will be missed and of course those ones doing long absences that suddenly seek to return some day -there have been a number of those rebounders. I was like you at first as well. Just signed on to use the trackers. I have never spent this long at a single site. It was special. 2009-2021 RIP. Thank you Chris for the memories, and everyone who contributed to it.
    See you on FB!
    40 days ago
    I also joined Spark in 2009.

    "Very well said. I think you expressed how most of us are feeling.

    Thank you for this! " I copied this from above because I agree with the comment.
    40 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I wish you the happiest of birthdays!
    40 days ago
    Good blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts. emoticon

    40 days ago
    I have been out of town and what a surprise to come home to. So I will be working on moving my blogs as they serve as a journal for me. Really want to stay in touch - for now have your link. Out of town in a short few days but hopefully can get back here before then.
    40 days ago
    emoticon You voiced my own feelings. emoticon Will miss it, but so thankful I found it Oct 2010. It has played a big part in making me healthy enough to survive some major crises' in my late 60's. I weigh what I did 40 years ago and feel emoticon emoticon emoticon Using the emoticons while I can! emoticon
    40 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/18/2021 7:49:57 PM
    Great kudos for Spark People! It and a plant based diet did wonders for me, too.

    I have tried the FB groups, but are numerous ones.

    The Google Group was too confusing.

    I am going to be 75 on August 1st, am close to goal, and besides having my fav friends email addresses to check in occasionally, I am done.

    Love and health to you and your husband. emoticon
    40 days ago
    two high schools, two junior highs, I think it was 4 but maybe 5 elementary schools, moves from Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. 3 different cities in MO. not easy to make and keep any friends when move a lot.
    40 days ago
    Thanks for sharing such inspirational words.
    40 days ago
  • JERICHO1991
    Thanks for the encouragement. Looking forward to the next supportive community platform.
    40 days ago
    Yes,, we must go on like the song says. To go on, we must do so differently. If we dont, we stop . As we have found out, stopping is not going forward.....stopping is not maintaining......stopping is not progress. We must go on but together!
    40 days ago
    What inspiration! Thank you!
    40 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    40 days ago
    "Benign neglect" - exactly what I've been telling team members for a while now, using lots more words. I love that phrase. Thanks
    40 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    May you have a wonderful emoticon !! emoticon
    40 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    40 days ago
    You do inspire me in a way that I couldn't face for a long time. That is to claim my maintenance. I guess that is because I can't believe that I reached it a few years back. For some reason I keep thinking that I should lose more but I find myself continently weighting the original amount. I have been thinking of asking my doctor what she thinks when I see her net month.

    You are a shining example of a very caring and smart person. Your blogs are always full of hope and caring of others. I am happy that your husband recovered from his surgery and is now a healthy man able to keep up with his healthy wife.
    40 days ago
  • THOMS1
    I also bookmarked your blog site because I really don't want to lose you and your wonderful blogs. Thank You for sharing them. emoticon
    40 days ago
  • JLAMING263
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    40 days ago
    I really like your phrase - experiment of one. I am looking forward to a new challenge. I have learned so much from Sparkpeople and now is my opportunity to make sure that I can maintain and use all I have learned and experienced. I am sorry that so many are feeling abandoned and but I also find that it is a wonderful example of the Spark message that people are finding their own ways of keeping contact with Spark friends. Let us all emoticon
    40 days ago
    So right! And God has sure blessed us with this site for so long. I do remember the two brain surgeries and I, too, am grateful for the time we've had! Stay blessed!!
    40 days ago
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