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Monday Hello/Update

Monday, June 14, 2021

I started to not write this. I started to say 'why bother?' Well, we have about two more months, and it is not goodbye yet, that is why! I still have not connected with many of my Spark friends emoticon outside of SP, and I want to stay active on SP to the end or at least till most/all (those who are going to) my Spark friends have communication lines with me outside of SP.

For those of you still not connected outside of SP, send me a Spark email and we can connect via FB if you like. Or we can come up with something else.

I ended up with a major migraine on Saturday evening that is fluctuating and still with me today. I iced it a lot today to get it down, not wanting to miss Tai Chi. I had forgotten the whole last three movements I had been taught, and turned out I had mixed up the fourth! But I got it right tonight and learned the final movements to the set I'm learning. Now my migraine is coming back at me, so more ice and dim lights.

I'm having a difficult time getting my daily water in. Add that to I'm now on FB more and I found an ad for something that flavors water and ended up ordering it. Waterdrop, if you've ever heard of it, just flavors water. I ordered the starter pack (4 out of their 5 flavors) to see how they taste. They are flavored with Stevia. I'll let you know how they taste. I've been doing other things so to get my water in, but so far I keep running out of ingredients. Oranges taste great in water! So refreshing! I think it is my favorite. Though watermelon is a close second. I juiced half a watermelon, then strained it so it would not be gritty, and it was so wonderful! The only problem with fresh fruit is it disappears (I have teenagers) or goes bad. I am craving sweet drinks since it became Summer, so these are perfect. Before that I was drinking 'spa water' which is lemon, cucumber, and mint leaves in a pitcher overnight in the fridge. Yummy. Or just a hint of lemon. But Now I have more of a sweet tooth. Peaches would go great in water if you crushed them and let them sit for a little while to get the juices steeped in the water.

Last week in my weight loss program (Omada) I learned that scheduling my exercise is key. Well, I had oral surgery last week and didn't exercise, so that had to wait till this week. Sunday is my planning day, so I sat down and looked at my week and scheduled in my exercise, my wake up time, which day is what strength training day, all of it. Sunday was leg day and wouldn't you know, it made my knee pain more pronounced? Now I didn't injure my knee, it just made it to where I couldn't keep ignoring it, LOL. So I called ortho today and set up an appointment to see about getting my next series of knee injections. Been meaning to do that, but... I was not looking forward to it. Guess I should have done so before now. So leg day is suspended till I talk to my ortho doctor next week, so I'll just rotate arm and core day I suppose? Hmm.

emoticon I've lost a total of 10 pounds on the program! I'm so ecstatic about that! This is week 6, and they want me to lose 15 pounds in 3 months, so I'm right on track. I think. I'm not good at math when my head hurts.

So what is everyone doing for Father's Day? We are having a finger foods get together so that the Dad's don't have to grill and be out in the heat. It is HOT emoticon! I'm making apple pie cookies, where DH helps make the pie crust and it is delicious! I will eat one, I have not made them in 6 years or more, they take a while to make, but oh so yummy and fun! And made completely from scratch. DD's will make crescent roll-sausage-thing that is super yummy as well. I'm going to stay away from the cheese board and take a picture of my plate as a way of tracking, LOL. I'm going to get one plate, and eat only that. That way I won't eat too much. If it won't fit on my plate, sorry, I can't eat it. emoticon

While I was recuperating from oral surgery I got really bored and made a jean apron... I made a whole blog about it here:


But in case you don't feel like reading the whole story, here is the finished product (hopefully SP won't have it sideways again, but I won't hold my breath, lol):

I'm working on a blog post about my latest sewing adventure (on the Wordpress blog). Some of my Spark peeps already know what it is, a few have gotten a sneak peak of one of my first ones, but I'm saving the best for for when I put out my blog about it and finish up a few more! Sew much fun! Once it is up, I will post pictures here too.

I'm so glad I made it to Tai Chi tonight, now to go practice a few more times to get it to really sink in, so I don't lose memory of what I learned while I sleep! Hope you all have a great day/night/whenever you read this!


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