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Bits and bobs

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Me - What you doing Cook?

Cook - I'm seeing what bits and bobs need using before the visit home next week.  Hmm, 2 bananas, 3 apples and some grapes.  I'll use one of those apples with these slightly withered parsnips to make a soup. 
Me - There's not enough to make lunch for every day.  Shall I go on a Yellow Sticker Hunt?

Cook - No need.  You could have one of these rolls for lunch.  Oh and there's bread.  You could have toast. The rest of the fruit will be good with Greek yogurt for breakfasts.

Me - Not enough there for a week though Cook.  Shall I go on a Yellow Sticker hunt?

Cook - No.  There's 5 individual flavoured yogurts that will be fine for breakfasts too.  Plus there's cereal if necessary.    Hmm,  half a bag of kale.  I'll make some pesto.

Me - Why are you making so much pasta with it?

Cook - There's some cheese sauce left from the fish dish I did last night.  I'm going to make a macaroni cheese pasta.  I'll use up this leek in it too.

Me - We're nearly out of milk.  I better go and get some. 
Cook - No, there's a carton of longlife that needs to be used up.

Me - Has the Countess de Clutter been on at you?

Cook - I'd best get on.

And off she bustled.  I think that tells us everything we need to know Sparkly peeps.  Fear not, I'm sure I can think up an excuse for a Yellow Sticker Hunt, though not tonight!

Bright blessings
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