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Thursday, June 03, 2021

Cambridge.  Atkins.  Low fat.  Cabbage diet.  Keto.  Paleo.  Low carb.  And no doubt plenty of others that I haven't mentioned.  Diets.  Eat this, do that, and you too will achieve your goal weight.  Plus of course your perfect life.

My cousin's niece was morbidly obese and could barely walk.  Now she's obese and her movement is much better.  As is her skin.  And her general energy levels.  Plus she's much happier in herself.  She's been following a keto diet and is quite evangelistic about it.  Clearly it's working for her.  But then if she'd followed any sensible weight loss regime, she'd be looking and feeling better I imagine.  Still it's working and I'm really pleased for her.  But what happens when she stops following a keto diet?

I've never really followed a 'diet'.  Partly because for many years, I was just very slim - not that I realised it.  Occasionally the seven stone something me would think I was too 'fat' and needed to lose weight.  So I'd eat lots of veggies and/or salads plus cut out cheese [my biggest weakness].  Those days are long gone.  But I still don't follow any 'diet' as such.  It seems to me they are broadly speaking either low fat, or low carb.  With a few extreme outliers.  So assuming you hit your goal weight, what happens when you come off the 'diet'?  Well we know the answer to that for the main part don't we?  In the majority of cases, people regain all the weight they lost, and more often than not, gain extra weight.  

All that said, I am so fed up with hanging around at the upper end of the 130's that I'm considering eating low carb for a couple of weeks or so [NOT Keto - too extreme for me], and seeing if it helps.  Have you tried low carb?  Or indeed any 'diet'?  If so, did it work - short term/long term?  I feel like I need 'something' to rev things up and change the dynamics.  Just not sure what. 

Meanwhile, for my 15 minutes extra today I danced [pranced?] around the room. I swear it nearly killed me. Whatever happened to the Tiz that used to dance the night away?


Bright blessings
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    Low carb works for me, although I lost over 3 stones with WW before my first wedding….
    43 days ago
    Back when I weighed 8 stones and wanted to lose weight for my audition at the Royal Ballet I tried the Pranavite diet and went down to 7 stones 2. Later, after going back up to 7 stones 12 I went on the Cambridge diet and went back down to 7 stones 4. Many years later, somehow up at 15 stones 3, I joined the Rosmary Coneley club and lost 5 stones low-fat. I actually enjoyed that way of eating, but was addicted to chocolate by then, and a few years later had regained the weight. Twice on Spark I?ve lost 120 pounds following their nutritional guidelines, which seem to be very balanced, but fallen foul to chocolate again. This time I'm following the Spark nutrition guidelines (although I do struggle sometimes to reach the minmum carbs set for me).

    I think any diet works if you are constant and stick to it, but it does need to be something you're prepared to do for the rest of your life if you don't want to regain.

    I've now been 6months "clean" of chocolate, and if I don't allow myself to sucumb to the evil (for me) stuff again I will happily eat as i am now forever.
    48 days ago
    I’d like to say I have direct myself up to almost 200 pounds at one point in my life.
    I am also carbs sensitive that I can barely tolerate carbs without gaining weight.
    So I guess that means I am a lifelong low-carb way of eating person at this point.
    I have yet to find a way of eating that allows me to lose weight… And I am 69 years old.
    I rarely eat any carbs sugar or junk food… I cook 98% of my own Whole Foods, no processed foods to speak of.
    I’m just trying to be happy with myself at this point.
    48 days ago
    I have tried a lot of crazy diets and most worked while on them but then all weight came back when went back to my 'normal' eating. I try to follow the 80/20 most of the time and if I limit my bad eating habits to just one day a week, it usually works. Good luck with a low carb diet and being able to keep it off once it is gone.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    48 days ago
    Mainly a Mediterranean base, chicken and fish, lots of veg, unless I'm really busy then meat creeps in so I don't have to cook twice (Pete's not a fish lover) but as much fresh, untarnished food as pos.

    It's frightening when you try to be as active as your 18 year old self.........but keep believing you can do it.
    Oh and I avoid mirrors.........scary LOL

    Happy weekend Tiz emoticon
    49 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    When I lost weight the first time I ate lower carb. Under 100g net carbs. Nothing crazy but less. No space for junk basically. It worked for me.
    49 days ago
    No specific diet, but mostly plant based and lower carbs.

    49 days ago
    Tried the low carb. Lost weight but gained some of it back. Tried it again but it did nothing. I do get most of my carbs from veg/ fruits and try to limit the bad carbs. Easier for me but I am still trying to lose a few more pounds.
    49 days ago
    I've tried low carb, didn't kill me but....soon as I left it I gained it back. I'm trying to learn portion size. I had no idea how far off I've been up to now. So. We will see. And I think "prancing" will also be my new dance term too! Lol
    49 days ago
    I don't follow a specific diet. I try to focus on vegetables and protein with fruit. I find it easy not to eat enough vegetables without making them a priority. Plus they are low in calorie, full of nutrition and fiber. Have a good day
    50 days ago
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