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Chocolate, coffee and songs

Saturday, May 29, 2021

For one week I have been doing very low calorie intake (keeping carb around 100, no starches). The purpose is to turn off the mTOR pathway (growth/strenght) and turn on autophage (self eating of cellular “junk”). It has been studied that severe calorie restriction is associated with extended life in animal - then same types of studies are being done in humans, but because they are long term we are still learning. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/p
mc/articles/PMC5685139/ So has it worked for me? YES YES and YES 🥳Yes completely cutting out sugar and processed food tanked hunger, better than any other time 🥳Yes daily I felt very much in control and was very purposeful to not eat meat, nuts or dairy (will explain tomorrow) 🥳Yes I have lost 9.5 lbs this week, but although a super benefit my main goal was to allow my cells to case off tau protein from the brain (alzheimers, parkinsons), reduce inflammation, and get rid of flawed DNA/pre cancer cells. [warn you this is super deep dive - but when mTOR pathway is turned off the body looks for ways to be frugal with energy and gets rid of junk DNA, old cells, damaged cells and downshifts insulin. https://youtu.be/-2pXbSpDPQE ] However, I’m listening to my body as a shift happened. I, based upon past good results with pineapple ate one yesterday, but I wasn’t thinking about the effect of the power sugar has to switch back on mTOR (grow cycle and increased insulin). I woke this morning with muscle cramps (lack of magnesium and muscle growth waking up), a hard time focusing my brain (reflects a shift off of ketone to standard metabolism), and a slightly “pms” mood (I’m post menopausal but I remember - this is brain waking up and saying “I need glucose NOW!!!” 🍫☕️🎶🍫☕️🎶🍫☕️🎶🍫☕
️🎶 Several foods will signal to turn off the mTOR tumeric, pepper/chilies (turns off growth pathway https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/p
mc/articles/PMC6627986/ ) chocolate (dark pure), coffee, tea (especially green tea), oils (sesame, olive and flax), resveratrol (red grapes/red wine), ginger So I ate baker’s chocolate (see how smart I am to not add sugar and alternated it with diet rootbeer so it seems to be ok, also this form is full of magnesium to stop muscle cramps) and coffee to try to turn mTOR back off. And to throw my brain into happy waves I blasted sea shanties The lyrics to Keep Hauling seem inspirational to keep me pulling forward and keep on course, 🎶Keep haulin', ho! 🎶Rouse and raise your voice 🎶Hold your course and don't let go 🎶Keep haulin', boys 🎶If you gave your best and your heart stayed true 🎶Keep haulin', keep haulin' 🎶There's only one thing left to do 🥳Keep haulin', boys https://youtu.be/FkNwhby
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