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6 weeks of consistent weight loss :)

Monday, May 03, 2021

Mid February I was as high as 259 lbs with an average of 256 lbs. As much as I have ever weighed. I had given "eating less and moving more" a go for a few months with no results. Scale was stuck.

I was about to embark on another Keto plan. Keto always works for me for weight loss in the short term, but makes my body feel yucky and leaves me just waiting for the day until I can "go back to normal eating." I was about to (once again) throw out all the bread, pasta, crackers and cereal in the house when I stumbled on the idea of intermittent fasting.

For the first week, I ate all my normal foods, just in a "window of 8 hours while fasting for 16 hours. I like breakfast, so I had my coffee, creamer, avocado, egg and toast with mayo at 7 am, I had a big lunch at 2:30 pm and fasted until 7 am the next morning then I repeated.

Mind you I don't work outside the home, so my schedule is pretty much my own and this is what works for me.

At first it was kind of hard because my body was used to the idea of "healthy snacking" at regular intervals to “keep my metabolism going.”

I ended the week with an average weight of 253.2, down almost three pounds.

Nice, but we all usually get that first week bump when we try something new, so I was wary. However, I liked the feeling of sleeping with an empty stomach and I was learning that the health benefits of given your gut a rest were muti-faceted so I would keep going…

I wanted to repeat the 16/8 pattern (fast for 16, eat for 8) the second week but busy schedule pushed me to 17 or 18 hours of fasting with a 6 or 7 hour eating "window" still eating basically two meals, breakfast and big lunch.

I ended the second week with an average weight of 251.5.

On to week three, four, five and six......working my way "up to" an average of 19-20 hours fasting with a 4-5 hour eating window of a late breakfast around 9 am, lunch at 12:30pm, done by 1 pm.

End of week
Avg wt. Pounds
Week 1 253.2 - 2.8
Week 2 251.5 - 1.7
Week 3 249.9 - 1.6
Week 4 248.2 - 1.7
Week 5 247.4 - 0.8
Week 6 245.5 -1.9

I'm gobsmacked.

I've never had the scale move so consistently, so easily. I've never had a change in eating pattern be so easy because I can eat anything I want so I don't feel the least bit deprived. If I don't have room for the something today because I'm full, and the window closes, I just shrug and say "I can have it tomorrow."

Am I hungry sometimes?

Yes, particularly if I chew gum or drink flavored waters or flavored black coffees so I've cut those out. Even plain lemon or lime in my water seems to set up some sort of metabolic response in me that releases hunger hormones. If I eliminate those and just drink water, plain green or black tea and plain black coffee I'm much better off.

And it's totally easier than shopping, cooking and thinking about special foods to eat on certain restrictive diets.

My biggest gift has been more time.

Now mind you my hubby works out of town all week, so I don't have to cook dinner for him. If I did, I might do a later window or otherwise alter my eating window or food prep so I would not have to be around food in the evening. He has started to do this with me on weekends so even weekends are getting easier. On weekends my "window" tends to be a bit longer.

I can flex this however I want. I don't feel guilty, and I really can't "cheat" per se because we all have to take time out between meals, right? It's just a matter of how much time and whether that amount of time is working for my body in terms of weight loss and other health benefits. Otherwise, nothing is "off the table" in terms of what I eat, but I do find myself becoming more of a food snob.

So, there you have it. I'm excited and can't wait to see where I'm at by the end of summer.

I thought I would share what is working for me.

What is working for you?

Be well, and

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love your approach. Your plan, your life. Make it what works for you.
    Intermittent Fasting was a life-changer for me. It tells me when to eat, not what to eat. And the eating/fasting windows are of my design.
    38 days ago
    Your story is my story! Keep doing it! Those little numbers will add up to one big number by summer. I did drop the breads at first, but now I include a little, if I want to, just being mindful of the macro count, and keeping the carbs lower than 50 - usually between 30-40. Thank you for sharing!
    51 days ago
    I'm glad you found what works for you!
    I dropped weight when I started working from home last year simply because I changed my routine and eliminated some foods I was eating routinely. I love that your biggest gift is more time.
    51 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    52 days ago
    52 days ago
    One of my strategies IS using intermittent fasting. I am almost never hungry in the morning so I don’t eat then. I wait until I am hungry which is usually around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, not always but generally. Then I eat until I am full. I also allow myself a snack in the evening If I want one, until about 8 o’clock. I also do not really like meat so I don’t usually eat that. And I’m really pushing the raw vegetables right now because they just taste so good.

    Way to go on your success! I’m so happy for you. It’s so hard to find an eating program that works isn’t it? well good luck, and keep up these good blogs.
    52 days ago
    It's nice to see someone else having an experience with IF that's similar to mine. I agree with you about it being so much easier than obsessing over every calorie. Following a pattern of feast/fast is much easier. WTG!
    52 days ago
    Congratulations keep up the great work .
    52 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    52 days ago
    Glad it is working great for you and glad hubby joined you when he is home. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    52 days ago
    Excellent that you've found a way of eating that works for you.

    52 days ago
    I have been intermittent fasting for 2 years now. I can't say I'm losing weight - I tend to eat too much and drink too much in my eating window. I'm working on that. However, I can say that ditching the "diet" mindframe has been SO freeing for me. As someone who has struggled with eating issues since I was 14 just being able to eat what I want and just control the timing of it has been HUGE. Congratulations on your weight loss and I'm so happy you've found something that works for you.
    52 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/4/2021 4:13:12 PM
  • THOMS1
    I track my nutrition everyday and work on keeping my macronutrients in order. Fats Protein and Carbs. Since I have been doing this I have had more success. I wish you success on your intermittent fasting. emoticon
    52 days ago
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