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when you are struggling with your thoughts / anxiety / pain

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Finding the tools that help you break the pattern is helpful. For me, If I find one that is meaningful and works, I make a bright colorful poster and put it up on my walls where I will
see it in my time of needs.

What works for you?

Breaking the pattern is as simple (HAHA) as changing the thought, Really though it is that simple,
Each thought brings up emotion, we are our thoughts so Choose what you want.

I have found this journey fascinating now that I am on the flip side of my thoughts holding me hostage to emotions I didn't want to be in.
The thoughts/ thinker wanted to be in the driver seat, it battles the ego and the pain body to tell you why it is Right. the why you deserve to be feeling ______ = story

The story is the thoughts/ your thinker tells you why your feeling mad, bad, sad, unworthy and on and on. all those emotions that hold you hostage to not feeling the joy of now

Each and every time you catch your thinking taking you for a spin telling a story, YOU WIN
and it gets easier and easier and easier, till you catch those thoughts for what they are.. More often then not there straight up Lie with no truth.

if it isn't an emotion you want

unless you want more of it.

Does this mean I think we should be happy all the time? LOL No

were human, feel the emotions, tripping over a pitchfork and smacking self in the head, isn't going to bring joy. feel the pain, make note of what happen,

that is it acknowledge it and move on
if you can, observe those thoughts that the thinker tosses out in the story

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