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“No thanks, my body is busy with autophagy.”

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Good morning Spark People! emoticon

I’m riding high on key tones right now and feel like I have the energy I had 20 years ago, so I decided to take a break from spring cleaning and share.

I’m spring cleaning my house a little more thoroughly this year and I came across a stack of Weight Watchers books dated from March 2003 to April 2013.

Here is the rather dismal history….

March 2003 (229 lbs) - June 2003 (211 lbs)

August 2005 (214 lbs) - Dec 2005 (196 lbs)

March 2006 (187 lbs) - April 2006 (185 lbs)

July 2006 (186 lbs) - November 2006 (188 lbs)

April 2007 (196 lbs) - May 2007 (191lbs)

September 2009 (201 lbs) - October 2009 (200 lbs)

February 2011 ( 216 lbs) - June 2011 (204 lbs)

December 2011 (221 lbs) - April 2012 (206 lbs)

May 2012 (205.8 lbs) - April 2013 (205.4 lbs)

10 Years of my life, from 36 years old to 46 years old, 119 hours of my life for the 119 weigh ins (some books petered out after just a hand full of weigh ins…) and probably around $2000 if you count the start up costs for each new round, the meetings, the products etc.

So I paid about $88 per pound lost if you just use the starting and stoping weights.

Heavy sigh….

I joined Spark People in 2012 at 46 years old and loved the community and the inspiration and the motivation. But it never translated into a lifestyle I could maintain.

My weight went up and down and up and down and up and up and up after that ranging from 225-238.

I gained the COVID 19 pounds while in quarantine so I’m not proud to share that I was 256 lbs on Feb 23, 2021.

This could not go on.

With renewed determination, I tracked my food religiously and exercised 4 hours a week on top of clocking 10,000-15,000 steps from February 23 until March 30, 2021 and managed to lose a whooping 2 lbs. which of course would return as water weight as soon as the temperature rose another couple of degrees.

I kind of just wanted to document this here as life lesson to me.

The simple truth is, I don’t want to track.

There. I said it.

I hate tracking. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I’m always hungry when I track and I’m always thinking about food, buying special foods, preparing foods, eating foods or avoiding foods and then tracking foods. It’s exhausting.

But what else was there?

I read the “Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung and his book “The Complete Guide to Fasting.” And then I found Gin Stephens podcasts “Intermittent Fasting Stories” and now I'm onto her books, "Delay, Don't Deny" and "Fast, Feast, Repeat."

I have lived in a “fed” state for the entirety of my 53 years on this planet and all I knew was that I could NOT NOT do it. I can’t stand gnawing hunger. I have experienced plenty of gnawing hunger on diets and I can’t stand it. That’s why they all failed.

I resisted, and resisted but then I said, “What the heck! Let’s try it if not for the weight loss for the health benefits.” I knew my body was changing and if I ate after 5 pm, I was starting to get reflux. I thought maybe I could at least fix that.

I dove into a 16/8 fast-feast, which became a 18/6 fast-feast, which became a 20/4 fast-feast.

I’m down 11 lbs since March 30. My skin is clearer. My mind is sharper.

I love the feeling of my slimming stomach.

I’m eating whatever I want during my eating window. I can break my fast for special occasions and not feel guilty.

On the occasions that I do feel hungry, I am learning to just “ride the wave” and know that it will pass. It’s not an emergency. My body now switches seamlessly between using the glucose from my feasting window, to my body fat during my fasting window. If I’m hungry during my fasting window,I just tell my body to “eat” that fat right on my butt until my next window opens.


I love the idea of my gut being able to rest.

I love that there are no special foods to buy, to track, to eat or to avoid. I love that it is free. I love the extra energy I have and the increased mental clarity.

Best of all, I love the idea of my body using “Autophagy” to clean itself out. I kinda want to print up a t-shirt or button for my fasting window that says:

“No thanks, my body is busy with autophagy.”

I’m sure this will be an evolving story. I can’t wait to write the next chapter….

Have a great day and...

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