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vermont weather

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The weather has change back to cold and icky.
in response I feel like my body is going back into hibernation.. I don't want to play outside in the cold.

upside, I really enjoy listening to the birds sing and waking up to there songs.
I am able to hang bird feeders out all year long due to where there hanging, high enough out of a bears reach. So i keep BOSS (black oil sunflower seeds) and suet up. Yesterday I saw a blue bird eating the suet :) that was a first. I have been getting the mental reminder to put up humming bird feeders for the littles that are coming in first and will be hungry and in need of nourishment . I finally remembered and hung one this am.. . . My home is high up on the mountain side and the red will shine bright like a beacon.

Do you enjoy putting out feeders?
Do you have to worry about bears visiting?
what breed of birds come to yours?

on my feeders through the winter we get chickadees, titmouse, suet get a variety of woodpecker species yet many of the smaller birds eat the suet also.
Fascinating part of feeding birds is, The birds let me know when a storm is coming in.. The come in to the feeders in hugh groups to fill up before the storm
when birds are migrating in or out, the feeders get hit with hugh flocks, I Love it and could sit and watch for hours, through out migration I fill feeders am and pm.. hungry little buggers.

LOL okay that was the am brain dump brought on by finally remembering to make the hummer juice and hanging it out.. 4:1 four parts water, to 1 sugar.. My feeder is red and I do not add the food coloring.. hhhmmm as I was typing that, I think I remember reading it doesn't have to be red.. now to go double check that thought to see if it is true or my imagination

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes, you're right, no need for the red food coloring. S.E.MI is snowing like crazy today and the birds have been chowing down all day. I get lots of woodpeckers, no bears though. emoticon
    19 days ago
    We have been in a warm spell for us in Oregon ~ sunny and mid 70's for April is record highs. Coming to a down spell. I love watching birds but do not feed them as I have cats and do not want them to become dinner.
    19 days ago
    Interesting fact about hummer feeders! I didn't know that.

    19 days ago
    I always fed the birds back in WV and am doing it here now. Hummers have not arrived yet but it should not be long and usually a few days later the Orioles may show up. Since I am new here I am not sure exactly like it did in WV. The Orioles used to nest in the same tree year after year. I put out white cotton string for them on the deck and they picked it up piece buy piece or 5 at a time. I have my finger crossed that I get some. The loved grape jelly too.

    No bear here like back in WV, but tons of squirrels so I invested in a squirrel proof seed feeder. Saw one hanging on yesterday but he gave up.

    I recently attended a Zoom seminar on hummingbirds. It is now up on YouTube. I put the link in the chat thread because I thought it might display better.
    19 days ago
    Good Morning! It's cold here this morning, but supposed to get up to 70 today:-) I'm into the birds also. And patiently waiting on my humming birds and Baltimore Orioles. I'm usually blessed with both every year. I still have to make hummer nectar and get it out, but it looks like most of them are still a ways away. I put out a bunch of feeders with the black oil seeds. I also put out a blue bird feeder with some dried meal worms and the sunflower hearts. I get a lot of the back yard birds including Cardinals, Blue Jays, Yellow Finches, House Finches, Titmouse, Cat birds, etc. I also have wet lands behind the house, so the Red winged black birds are here too and visit the feeders. They're fun to watch also. No bears here yet. I hope they never get here. They are around tho.
    19 days ago
  • ANYVAR54
    My MIL in St Louis has bird feeders out. Love to watch the birds when we visit.
    19 days ago
    We all have a unique set of circumstances
    19 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    We still have suet out. Switch to hummingbird feeders may 1
    19 days ago
    Cold in South Carolina too!
    19 days ago
    it's getting cold here too.
    19 days ago
  • CHERIE38
    Google pants says - color red
    Hummingbirds are naturally attracted to the color red, which is the reason why most nectar feeders you see have a red base or top. Make sure that yours does too. At the very least, make sure it has a bright color like yellow.
    19 days ago
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