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Oof... proof that I am not a spring chicken anymore

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Yesterday I decided to go for a walk in town. I also made a date with my brother (not the one currently dealing with health issues) to go to lunch at a new restaurant that recently opened up. I drove into town and parked the car in visitor parking on the college campus. I was a little over 3 hours early for our lunch... so I decided to walk for the 3 hours. Why not? Right? I ended up walking for just under 3 hours, covering 8.33 miles. Not my fastest walk ever, but I wasn’t aiming for speed, but rather for endurance. I guess I met my aim, lol! I even stopped to chat for a minute with my SIL, as she was out walking too, as our paths just happened to cross After my walk I picked my brother up from work and we went to the restaurant. I got the lobstah roll. Oh goodness was it good! I hope this restaurant manages to stay in business, because their food is pretty wonderful. My brother got their Ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. And he thoroughly enjoyed his meal as well. I made the mistake of ordering a Sprite though... I haven’t had a regular soda in years, normally I only drink seltzer water. The soda was sickly sweet to my tastebuds, and the consistency was thick and slightly slimy. After lunch I drove home, and walked the dogs ( because of course I needed to walk some more... chuckle). And then dad and I took the dogs out for their evening walk a couple hours later. Over 11 miles for my mileage for the day! I was feeling pretty good about it. And then... my ankles started protesting the amount of exercise after I had been in bed for about 4 hours. I woke to painful ankles, painful enough that I had to get up and take some ibuprofen. I have osteoarthritis in both my ankles and knees. Usually it’s the knees that give me trouble after a long walk. I almost prefer the knee pain rather than ankle pain. Neither is much fun though. As little as 5 years ago I could have walked twenty miles in a day with very little pain or stiffness as a result. I guess this proves that I am no longer the proverbial spring chicken. I think of myself as being young still. But my body likes to remind me that I am almost 50 years old, lol. And it likes to let me know that it will no longer used and abused with overactivity or inactivity. It has only been about 6 weeks since I decided to do longer walks because the weather was changing (no more ice!), and I am pushing myself a mite bit harder than I ought to right out of the gate. So far the result of the fast restart has merely been achy, stiff joints ... which I can deal with with equanimity. Part of the problem might be my shoes. I usually wear orthotics, but I am due for a new pair, as my old pair are pretty worn. I am scheduled for my new sneakers at the end of May. I am awaiting their arrival with bated breath. (I am hoping insurance pays for them! It has before...) I am waiting up for the ibuprofen to start to kick in. Getting older is not for sissies, lol.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oooff! Does not sound like fun! Be careful!
    24 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    Excellent walking emoticon 50 years YOUNG!! Great Age to experience! ENJOY Your "50TH"!
    25 days ago
    tell me about it! hope you feel better, that's one of the reasons i got the knee done
    25 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    I had to laugh as I read I could hear Jim's voice in my head saying as he often did...getting older ain't for sissies kiddo!! An acceptance of limits..yet pushing them just a bit is a wise decision!! emoticon
    26 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I agree aging does present it's problems. Seems like every day I'm find new aches and pains. Sometimes I feel like my hubby's grandmother, who when asked how she was she gave you a medical list a mile long. It was a question you learned not to ask.

    All I know it beats the alternative, and I'm happy to have made it this far in my life. I have a birthday coming up and I don't know if I'm regretting it or joyed that I will be able embark on another year.

    Life is always something you know.
    26 days ago
    LOLOLOL Chandra you KNOW My eyes went YEAH AND I DID GIGGLE "Lobstah"!! WOOHOO YOU GO KIDDO!! Was it from Maine? Abbreviation ME! Hehehehe did I SEND IT?

    Ahhh yes, you and I need to learn,,,,

    >I'm being FORCED to but I want to build my heart, and body back up. I DOUBT I'll be able to return back to work, as in the grocery store, but I WOULD like to continue with the foster grandparent program and or switch back over to being a senior companion. Hey in 5 years (When you turn 55) you'll qualify to volunteer for them also!! Some are income eligible if so they paid a little bit of $$$ if not, everyone gets reimbursed for gas. It's a neat little way of giving back to the community in a much needed role. It gives me WAY more than I give it.

    26 days ago
    Getting old is by far one of the most difficult situations I've encountered! As soon as a new year hits (as in birthday) a bunch of pains and aches come along emoticon Truly. But I've been learning the hard way to accept all of that and squeeze out the life that I have to the last drop. emoticon You did a LOT of walking indeed. Awesome!
    26 days ago
    Amazing walk!
    26 days ago
    You've earned some rest. Take it!
    26 days ago
    No it isn't for sissy's It's like when I wake up my body says "pick a part, any part" and there I go. emoticon
    26 days ago
    I can relate... emoticon emoticon
    27 days ago
    Quality shoes make a world of difference to me!
    27 days ago
    Definitely too much for one day despite your speed.
    Sounds like you had such a wonderful day, though, with the walking and the nice lunch out with your brother.
    I think your goal of walking longer is great but apparently you need to take it a little more slowly.
    My husband and I have traveled to Europe every spring or fall for years and we often walked 10-15-18 miles a day with no problem at all, well, maybe a little stiffness.
    No way I could do that now, with my bad hips, bad knees and one bad foot!
    27 days ago
    Regardless of age, that's a lot of walking. You did well.
    27 days ago
    “Getting older is not for sissies” 😂 OMG That is exactly word-for-word what my dad used to say. He was in his 90s at the time. It’s funny hearing someone very different, decades later, echoing his exact phrase.

    I’m feeling pretty creaky myself, lately. Because of that I’m only trying to increase my step & minute goals 10% each week. At some point I’ll find out what my maximum is, and pace myself to stay under it.

    Before the knee replacement, my maximum was about 4000 steps. Any more than that would mean a stiff painful following day... 😳
    27 days ago
    Speaking from experience here, patience IS a virtue 👍.
    27 days ago
    It good that you had a nice time, however I think you also need to heed what your body is telling you. Remember, the adage, "Patience is a virtue" is for a reason!!!

    27 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    27 days ago
    27 days ago
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