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When the Scale Gets Stuck Need a New Plan

Sunday, April 11, 2021

I have no idea how many people have joined the 5% Challenges over the last 11 years. If you only had to join SparkPeople and 5%, to lose weight, no one would ever leave. But it is like one of many things people try for weight loss. Regardless of what you choose, it gets down to motivation, commitment, and calories in, and calories out. SparkPeople has always held my attention for accountability, motivation, information, and support.

When my weight gets stuck, I think of how much I still have to lose. Then I have to be my own cheerleader/coach and think of the positives; how much weight I've already lost, I know how to do it, and I really like how loose clothes feel before I donate them. All I need is a new plan at this moment in time. Creating the plan is the motivator when I think of what my best day would look like. Then I break it down by steps and timelines. Whew! It seems like a lot of work, but it gets me over the bump and the scale gets moving again.

Yesterday afternoon I was thinking of buying a cane, but stopped myself. This is a temporary injury and it would haunt me to have a cane in the closet. My knee is improving, though still painful. This morning I walked Rebel to the forest and back. I was happy to see the red toque I lost on Tuesday, was pinned to the sign at the entrance. Tomorrow I will add a 5 minute walk in the forest on flat ground.

OK time to get on with planning and get the scale moving in the right direction.

What do you do when the scale gets stuck?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my gosh knees are the worst...
    I wish I knew what to tell you about when the scale gets stuck. This whole community is about lifestyle change. I guess I would have to say more tweaking of things. More change until you do finally discover what makes that scale move for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    31 days ago
    I hope your knee feels better soon! The 5% Challenge is a great motivator! I’ve done three. I met so many great Sparklers that way. Food tracking, IF 16-8, and exercise (walking) work for me. I had a blip after Christmas, but I’ve pulled it back. You were a big part of my success. Thank you.
    33 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon OK time to get on with planning and get the scale moving in the right direction.
    Never give up take it one day at time one healthy meal meal at a time .
    take care of your knee
    I have a walking stick i use when i go walking and hiking never think of as a cane. emoticon

    33 days ago
    from the time i have been at spark women have some interesting times losing weight,,, its never in a straight line, it zig and zags a lot.... the closer to goal its fine tune time... tracker, water, movement always
    33 days ago
    i try to change things up and relax more it will happen take care and be gentle with your knee
    34 days ago
    I am so over trying to lose. it just isn't in the cards anymore, The more I stress about it the more I eat and the more I gain. lol
    34 days ago
    Thank you for sharing! Have a great day!
    34 days ago
  • LIS193
    Go easy on your knee, take care
    34 days ago
    I try not to give up, as I know it’s my body fighting and testing me...
    34 days ago
    glad you found your hat! A walk in the woods is a grand thing any time.
    35 days ago
    Refocus on my daily disciplines and make a new plan. Seems what may have worked last month or last year isn't always it. Make a new plan. Glad your knee improves and that you did not give in. emoticon
    35 days ago
    I remind myself "It's happened before, it'll happen again." I than over my trackers to see if there's a pattern. Am I eating to much? My favorite is when I realize "OH I AM BURNING more calories, but I cut back my calories on eating!" FUN FIX TO THAT!!

    Having my before and after pics is such a huge motivator.

    SO HAPPY I found SPARKS and a member invited me to the 5% Challenge way way way back in 2010! At that point I DID NOT LIKE my body AT ALL!! Now I LOVE all it's able to do. Oh it's acting up so much, but i can only imagine how awful things would be if I hadn't of lost the weight and I SMILE.
    35 days ago
    I usually start with my water and keeping working forwards.
    35 days ago
    When the scale gets stuck, I get more diligent on measuring and tracking my food, because that seems to help.
    35 days ago
  • PAULA3420
    emoticon I read a quote from a Spark Member many years ago that has stuck with me on my journey to Health and Fitness. She said; " BE MORE STUBBORN than the scale. Yes, it does get stuck and we MUST just KEEP GOING!!!

    I put a sign on my scale that says "BE MORE STUBBORN" than this thing.

    Hope this helps and I pray for your knee to heal. My left knee dislocates randomly. So, I understand your feelings around using a cane. I am more afraid of falling than I am of using a cane.

    WIDHING YOU ALL THE BEST as you HEAL!!! emoticon

    emoticon Paula
    35 days ago
    I've found that an increase of intensity rather than time helps me break through a plateau. But... you need to take care of that knee and keep it gently moving. Patience in recovery is hard work.
    35 days ago
  • JUSTJ2014
    My scale is currently stuck too. I have decided to change my diet slightly and give 10 more minutes of activity each day.
    35 days ago
    Hope your knee continues to heal. And glad your toque was located. When I am stuck, I try to analyze the basics: tracking data for food and exercise; sleep (which for me is related to weight loss/metabolism). And I change whatever I need to change.
    35 days ago
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    35 days ago
    Or...as an alternative to a cane...Nordic walking sticks! I'd forgotten about that option until I read the Women's World article about the successful journeys of two Sparksisters. I have two sisters-in-law who use them and say it really helps diminish knee (and hip) pain.
    35 days ago
    I try to change my plan every three month
    35 days ago
    Glad you got your toque back!

    AS for the cane . . . I cannot say it any better than Nana has

    HUGS and good luck!
    35 days ago
    Keep up the great work
    35 days ago
  • SES823
    Old me would have given up like she had so many times before as soon as there was no downward scale movement! I know now that there will be plateaus where there is no scale movement-- and 'gulp" even scale increases-- but I'm just not giving up! I make sure to get the food scale back out to insure that I'm adhering to the right portion sizes.

    Hope your knee feels better soon!
    35 days ago
    While I understand the sentiments behind not wanting the cane, I can tell you from experience that can backfire. Using a cane is not a failure or a slippery slope. It's a tool to take some of the pressure off a joint.

    Glad you found your toque.

    35 days ago
    Wow. How kind of someone to pin it to the tree. Sounds like Rebel is lucky to get those daily walks. It sounds like you have a nice place to walk.

    knees are tricky. You have to be kind and yet exercise them.

    Good luck on your healing.
    35 days ago
    Be gentle with your knee. I'm glad you found your toque.

    My scale gets stuck quite often. I just keep on keeping on. emoticon
    35 days ago
    Isn't it nice when you lose something and someone is kind enough to find a way to get it back to you. emoticon
    35 days ago
    Get fed up
    35 days ago
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