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Is some politicized pro-gun-toting anti-vaxxer going to show up today when I go get vaccinated?

Thursday, March 25, 2021

I'm scared in Boulder, and feeling deeply sad. I don't know HOW to stay safe. I rarely shop at that particular store anymore since moving to the other side of town -- but the Grocery Store!? Even wild animals call a truce at the watering hole. We call ourselves civilized --
-- but allow open-carry and the sale of ASSAULT weapons?
What does it take for us to realize that assault weapons are weapons of WAR? It's in their name, for crying out loud! They are Weapons of Mass Destruction -- hence the large numbers of people killed before the shooter is stopped. I do not understand why, when we can vote against it, we allow ourselves to be lambs for the slaughter.
It's a CRAZY world we are trying to live in!

I grew up with guns. I own guns. Plural. No assault weapons though. And to you who say some version of "Guns don't kill people. PEOPLE kill people." I say BULL. True, I've never met a gun that pulls its own trigger. But people toting assault weapons kill people. They DON'T kill PERSONS -- they kill people --nameless, faceless, random people -- en masse. YOU could be one of those innocent random people at the grocery store. Or the hospital. Or in school. Or the cinema. Or the night club. Or your work-place.
What? You need it for defense? Are you some mafiosa fearing a hit? Keep your damn weapon. The rest of us have trained SOLDIERS for the job of defense.

NO SALES of automatic weapon AMMO to CIVILIANS. I'd vote for that.
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