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World Sleep Day

Friday, March 19, 2021

Today is World Sleep Day - did you know that? Me either. Its an annual event intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. That is from the worldsleepday.org website. Who knew! I have known that there are a lot of issues related to sleep and that it is imperative to good health but did not know there was a whole day devoted to it - or a website and seems conferences as well.

Sleep is something we all need to function. We have all experienced those nights where we can't fall asleep only to wake up knowing we had but an hour or 2 of it. Your day is ruined, you have no energy, you can barely function. And I am only talking about how I feel and it only happens occasionally for me.

Sleep does make your life better.
• It improves your memory
• It aids in recovery
• It Prevent Illness
• It gives you healthy skin
• It keeps your hormones in check
• It deeps cleans your brain
• It gives your heart a break
• It keeps you sharp
• It clears the fog
• Its efficient for the body
With so many benefits, why do we not attempt to get the amount of sleep recommended? I know that I cannot function without at least 7 hours of sleep. Have you 5 hour people that think you are at top shape tried getting more to see if you function even better? Maybe you are doing yourself a disservice.

Anyway, not going to preach, but I do feel that getting 7-8 hours is really so much better. I was a 5 hour person and I did get things done and got them done well, but I am more productive now. But that's me.

Anyway, some helpful suggestions:
1. Yes, you need a sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up the same time even on weekends. Yes, I go to bed between 8-9pm and I wake at 4:30am EVERY day. I watch the sunrise and listen to the birds all the time. Once you have a routine, it just happens even when you don't want it to. Like on vacation where I can see the most beautiful sunrises in all of these beautiful places.
2. Don’t overindulge right before bedtime. Many people think caffeine doesn’t bother them. It does affect your body - don't have it once you get within 6 hours of bedtime. And Alcohol may make you think you are going to sleep peacefully, it actually is not recommended as a sleep aid.
3. Wind down before bed. Electronics before bed keep you mind stimulated. Its light and bright and causes your mind to be active, not start to rest. Electronics at your bedside all night also cause sleeplessness - light, dings - just get it away from your bed.
4. Realize normal sleep may NOT be sleeping straight through the night. People wake up - its not normal to always sleep straight through the night. This is a big one for me - I wake constantly - DH snores and I have to change my earplug from ear to ear if it is a bad night. But I still wake rested in the morning. That is a normal night for me, it works. If I sleep straight through a night - it’s a gift.

I hope this helps someone - check out the world sleep day website for other resources.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had no idea there was such a day. I can't say that I'm surprised though since there seems to be a day for everything. emoticon There's a lot of great information in your blog. I try to get DH to go to bed and get up at the same time every day but he is a night owl and tends to stay up late. I wear the soft squishy earplugs in both ears at night. I still have to nudge hubby sometimes if his snoring gets out of hand. emoticon
    56 days ago
    Thank you. Sensible suggestions always welcome! Love the switching of the ear plugs. You're not alone on this one. emoticon
    56 days ago
    Had no idea there was a world sleep day. I basically go to bed the same time every night and wake up the same time every day even on weekends or while on vacation. I have issues if I go to sleep 'early' unless of course if I'm not feeling well. My sleep is very scheduled.

    Thanks for sharing the info you found...had no idea.
    56 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    I love the baby picture. I have never heard of this special day. There is literally a day for everything. Thanks for sharing this information.
    57 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    I did not know there was such a day. emoticon for sharing such great information for ways to get a good night's sleep. Loved the cute photo at the end! emoticon emoticon
    57 days ago
    Sleep is so important! emoticon
    57 days ago
    Didn't know there was such a day. Lol But thx for the great sleep tips. Sweet Dreams.
    57 days ago
    This is one world day that I would celebrate the heck out of!
    57 days ago
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