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Time to start the new BLC Spring Challenge....READY SET SPRING

Saturday, March 06, 2021

READY SET SPRING is actually our first full Biggest Loser Challenge of 2021. I think the name is particularly fitting for springtime 2021 because it has been one year since we began dealing with Covid-19.

The Covid Era is still with us, but now we have vaccines, people have learned to wear masks and social distance. The elderly, and I am part of that group, now take extra precautions because they recognize their vulnerability. We have done really well so it is time to head into spring in "reset" mode....Ready Set Spring!!

Let's go for it! Yes, we still need to take precautions but some of us (me included) became couch potatoes or maybe isolated ourselves too much. We have each learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses. I plan to grow the strengths so that the weaknesses will not prevail.

I have read more books than in any other year of my life and I always read a lot of books. I have spent too much time on the couch but I have used some of that couch time to stay in touch on Spark, on facebook, and texting family members and friends. Now I hope to spend much more time face to face with friends and family. I've cooked many more meals, cleaned out drawers and closets, and read more books, and read more books.... Now I look forward to better weather, lunch with friends, more time outdoors, less time indoors, more time moving and less time sitting...Ready Set Spring!

I think you get the picture - I am tired of all of it! It is going to take some major positive self-talk to keep me going but I know I will be ready to take on the new challenge....because I have survived 2020, and I have survived 3 teenagers who are now all productive healthy funny adults; and I have survived over 26 years as a military wife; and I have survived and am still fighting Myasthenia Gravis; and I have survived to this ripe old age of 74....and as a survivor there may be more major life changes to survive and goals to achieve.

I never seem to know how these challenges will go. Will I stay motivated? Will I achieve "consistency"? (my "word" for 2021) Will I feel deflated 1/2 way through? That has happened before. If I have a loss, will I hang on to it through the last couple weeks? I've completely blown a productive challenge in the last weeks. The challenge to me, as usual, is to be consistent.

COVID 19 poses an extra challenge to us all still in 2021. We do want to stay safe, stay positive, stay healthy, stay informed, stay in touch, and stay the course. That is a lot and I still find myself losing my enthusiasm, losing my usual optimism, and falling our of my usual routines. I have to do better!

My program includes at least some intentional exercise every day, drinking 8 glasses of water daily and staying within my SparkPeople calorie range. I also want to get back to walking, no more hobbling along, my goal by the time this challenge ends is to walk at least 8000 daily and I want to keep it up throughout the challenge.

Still double-teaming against the pounds! Can't forget my wonderful 100 days of Weight Loss with Linda Spangle team. This book and the team have changed my life. Awesome lessons in this book!

I continue to live IN each day! It is way too easy for me to allow a day to slide by with little accomplished and without taking any time to savor life. Well....some days recently have seemed to slide by me.

I've lost weight with TOPS, SparkPeople, my SparkFriends,the Foxes and now will continue to move forward I want to get back to goal weight. Right now I am14 lbs above goal weight. I love the support that I get from all my Sparkfriends and teams, but I have to say that to have a 20+ member team that is consistently supportive of each member and have the participation, caring and sharing that we have on the Rockin Red Foxes is a rare and beautiful thing. I met my weight goal awhile ago, held tightly to it for about 8 months and then began gaining. I haven't been able to get back there. I will though. My goal weight of 145 is realistic and I need to remind myself of that.

My doctor's views about exercise and Myasthenia seem to be evolving. They now say that I can exercise more as long as I listen to my body. I have to very carefully plan never to exercise to the point of fatigue. I'm feeling better though and in the past few weeks I have really begun to hope that I'm going into remission. We'll see....

Basically I'm just not quitting! I'm still trying to live mindfully and to be as healthy as possible.
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