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Promises Made; Promises Kept!

Friday, March 05, 2021

I generally don't make New Year's Resolutions, but I quietly made some to myself this year.
1. I changed my FitBit Step Tracker from a 5,000 daily goal to 6,000 (I work in an office and sit at a desk all day ~ sometimes 5,000 was difficult to get to) ~ and I promised to try to get to 6,000 steps EVERY day.
2. I promised myself to try to do some form of exercise daily - that means EVERY day (at least 1 mile of daily walking) ~ no excuses.
3. I promised myself to seek out and become/stay active in teams right here on SparkPeople that will help to keep me moving toward successful completion of the above goals.

SO ... how am I doing?
When today ends, we will have completed the first 64 days of 2021.
1. My step promise ~ 6,000/day? I *almost* met that goal. On Saturday, January 23, 2021 I walked 5,994 steps. I decided to sit down for 'just a minute'. I proceeded to fall asleep and ended the day 6 steps shy of my 6,000 step goal! emoticon
2. My daily activity/exercise promise? emoticon !! Yup, every day since January 1, 2021, I did some form of intentional exercise! Especially helpful was the 2021 Winter 5% Challenge. For 56 days of the Challenge, I exercised (and reported) my intentional exercise.
3. Teams that I check in with almost daily:
~ 2021 Winter 5% Challenge (Stars Team), and
~ Going the Distance: 2021

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon The 'Seasonal 5% Challenge'(s) lets you virtually 'Race to Fascinating Places for 8 Weeks. Join a supportive team and let's have fun as we lose 5% of our weight, make new friends and improve our health! JOIN us to write your own success story...'
The final day of the 2021 Winter 5% Challenge is today, but we are busy planning for the next one; the 2021 Spring 5% Challenge and we will be looking for interested SparkPeople members/friends to join us. Can YOU commit to 56 days? (You DON'T have to exercise every day like I did, but you do have to commit to those days so that you can help your team and your team can help you to be successful). Start date for recruiting has not yet been announced, but if you would like some information, please leave a message below and I'll make sure to get you an invitation. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

UPDATE: Since I wrote this blog, the 2021 Spring 5% Challenge Community has opened up and you are free to join. OF COURSE, you can request an invitation from me, but you can also go directly to the team page and sign up right away. Just follow this link:

emoticon The 'Going the Distance: 2021' Team encourages you to set a goal for how many miles you can walk in 2021. Take that total and divide that by 12 months to figure out your monthly goal. Use the team page and its threads to log your monthly miles walked. There is also an additional thread where you can log your daily steps (if you want to). The beauty of this team is that you basically log your steps/miles and you basically challenge yourself to do better today than you did yesterday. emoticon
In case you would like to check out the 'Going the Distance 2021' Team, please follow this link: www.sparkpeople.com/mysp

We are still in the 1st Quarter of 2021. Isn't THIS the year that you **MUST** take care of YOU? Why don't you PROMISE YOURSELF to use 2021 to become your BEST SELF?
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