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Still staying home

Thursday, March 04, 2021

I think my state of Rhode Island has managed the pandemic pretty well, thanks to our previous governor Gina Raimondo, who is now Biden‘s new commerce secretary.
Many people disagree with me but that is my opinion.
She worked very closely with the health department and made all of her decisions based on science. She is so intelligent!

Anyway we definitely have stayed home most of the time for the last year.
Happily, actually ...gratefully, to be honest.
My dear man and I love being together and are very respectful of our individual needs.
What were all those errands we used to run anyway?
I know CVS is hurting since I am at home so much. emoticon
I never did get my hair done a lot. I don’t color it at all and I’ve had one haircut in a year...and that was a quick ‘lop 2-3 inches off please’....in and out in 15 minutes.

We used to dine out so regularly and we’ve only done three times in the last year and two of those were outside.
We keep our pantry and freezer stocked so I really only need to go shopping every couple of weeks. (I’m way too fussy to rely on curbside pick up or delivery to my home.)
Anyway, now both of us have gotten our first vaccine, which we’re thrilled about.
I know some people think that once they get the vaccine they can roam free like a get out of jail free card but we are definitely not in that camp.
Au contraire, mon ami...I feel like we have sacrificed so much and come so far ...why take a chance of risking our health now? emoticon
I am so grateful for our full freezer and pantry so that if I HAVE to go out I’ll stop at our local tiny market for some fresh meat but if I don’t have to go out we have plenty of food in the house.
What are your thoughts?
Are you planning on doing more things after you are vaccinated?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am with you -- still waiting for our vaccines, and still living pretty much in lockdown. Don't plan to change that up too much when it happens, at least for now!! Did curbside delivery for groceries yesterday -- never eat out, never order in, don't colour my hair and never have, long overdue for a hair cut but OK with waiting.
    43 days ago
    Your attitude and your life is much the same as ours.
    Except I order online from CVS. I have always colored my own hair. I HATE beauty parlors and only would pop in for a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks. Short was better for traveling. No travel, no haircut and using "Nice and Easy" is delayed until I see a LOT of roots.

    Our governor tried hard to follow the science and do the right thing for our health. In my area of the state that resulted in calls for his impeachment and rallies to DEMAND the right to enter public places without masks.
    Any wonder we are hermits? We will continue to take precautions even after our 2nd shot in a few weeks.
    I know at our age the vaccine is 85 to 94% effective, I am surrounded by so many who believe conspiracy theories, I may have to carry my N95 mask forever.
    43 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    In the past year, I've been away from the house three times - one for the seniors flu shot. I haven't had my hair cut or coloured - it is now the longest I've had it in over 30 years - I even have a small pony tail of about 4" LOL. I know we're lucky because we live without sons and son #2's family - it used to be that they lived with us... Any shopping I've done is online and meds are picked up or delivered. My DH & I will likely get our shots by May, but we won't be going anywhere soon. Vaccinations are really the first step of coming out of this pandemic and the vaccinations are not a 100% guarantee that we won't get sick. Our youngest grandchild was home from school today because there are two variant cases in his school. He'll have a new Covid test on Monday and his parents will decide whether he'll go back or wait. We've been in lockdown since Dec. 26th and just starting on Monday we will move into the grey zone which is only the first step in many before we get to anywhere normal. But as you say, we've come this far why take a chance/risk. We listen to the health experts and the scientific evidence first and will continue to do so.
    45 days ago
    Hubby and I both are on multiple COVID vaccination lists. Our state has issues getting vaccine.

    No ... we will not change much about our comings and goings that we have practiced the last year.

    Those around us have had COVID. The vaccination is one more tool to prevent the spread.

    I do miss my g-kids terribly. DD in St Louis bought a new home which I'm not sure when we will get to see. DS1 in Dallas may have brain surgery ... not happy I won't be there IF it happens. Local DS2 ... so close and sooooo far away.
    46 days ago
    I think we'll feel a little more comfortable getting together with family after the vaccine. Our DD has at-risk folks in her family and she works in a preschool, so we've been very cautious about seeing her and our 10-yr-old grandson. Once we've been vaccinated and the others in her family have too, I'll feel a little safer about spending time together - that we're less likely to put a family member in the hospital, fighting for their lives. Even after we've been vaccinated I don't think we'll have turned the corner on this pandemic, but I sure think we'll be closer!
    46 days ago
    Until my DH has finished chemo, we are staying the course and remaining at home. We have not eaten out in over a year. I get groceries delivered - have been doing this for 10 years. I am happy with how our governor has handled things. emoticon
    46 days ago
    My hair has gotten the longest it has ever been but I booked an appointment to see my hairdresser on March 20th for a trim and some color (with low lights - as my hair is mostly blond/white). I have been WFH and our workplace just said the date to do so has been extended to October 1st from June 30th - and I won't complain. That means summer time at home and pool breaks! I will be in the third wave of receiving vaccinations through my workplace and I don't know how much will change - I'll still continue to be mindful. I do try to get out of the house once a day so I don't get 'shack whacky' emoticon
    46 days ago
    Great blog and interesting topic. Like you I have stayed home, limited shopping, cut out dining in restaurants, grocery shop every 10 days or so. I will get my first shot in a couple days, so I have at least 5-6 more weeks before the vaccination fully kicks in. I will still keep many of the same habits, but I look forward to seeing more of my friends. Of course with the warmer weather it is easier, because we can meet outdoors.

    I live alone, and early on I realized I would have to put some structure into my days, no matter how minimal, or I would get depressed or become too bored. So every day I made a commitment to: exercise; get outdoors; do something creative and fun (usually music or art), and do one chore that is not a part of my daily routine (organize a closet; wash the blinds; clean the garage, etc.); and connect with someone (family or friend). I think I will keep with this structure after this pandemic is over.
    46 days ago
    Peter and I have spent the past year pretty much the same as you described, Liz. We've enjoyed each other's company, and have watched lots of old movies together, worked in the yard, done projects around the house, read lots of books...

    I don't think I will let myself go back to being as busy as I was before. I was adding lots of stress to my life by thinking that I "should" volunteer more, maintain contact with people who used to be good friends but who no longer were...

    Now we see Siobhan, Chris and Aria, and hope that one day I will be able to visit my fat-flung kids again, but it probably won't be this summer... perhaps autumn, perhaps next year.

    I'm enjoying being quieter. I'm happy with myself, and with Peter. In some ways, this has been a good learning experience.

    I'm cooking more, using up some of the stock I got in because I thought things might not be available. Not baking, because we really don't need it. Peter is still working his way though his black forest birthday cake, which he keeps downstairs so I don't see it every time I open the fridge.

    My hair hasn't been cut for a year, and I kind of like it longer. Today I even curled it. All my good clothes are hanging in the closet because there is no where to wear them. I've even lost a bit of weight. I am looking forward to getting out in the garden again, but everything is still snow covered.

    I kind of like this peaceful life!
    46 days ago
    I haven't got a vaccine date yet but even when I do, I shall continue to play safe. Sometimes it nearly drives me nuts but like you, I figure having sacrificed so much, why take a chance now?

    Love your hair colour btw. It makes me think of Galadriel as she is in my mind from the book.
    47 days ago
  • TZAPP22
    Glad you were able to get the vaccine. We are calculated in our movements with 90% being with family only. A lot of outdoor solo and/ or socially distanced, masked adventures. I venture to my kickboxing class where my bag is mine.. we go food shopping. We have dined indoors 3 times I believe in the past year. We will continue to be cautious, picking and choosing where we spend our time..
    47 days ago
    hi i am from ct and just like you last time i got my hair cut was before pandemic didnt even get it cut for my daughters wedding in aug she trimmed it for me. my hubs goes to the grocery store as I have problems seeing, i went out once with a friend to an outside farmers market and that is it. going to get my shot so I can watch the baby in july, Hugs . ill wait a few more months like you ,
    47 days ago
    You and your hubby are doing exactly what you need to do to stay safe, and healthy. We're doing similar things here. emoticon emoticon
    47 days ago
    You are a smart cookie! I’ve had my first shot and will get my 2nd on the 24th. I have been out and about playing it as safe as possible and outside. I have surgery in May and need to be as healthy as I can be to help with recovery. I’m so looking forward to being able to do more with others. I think I’m suffering from Covid fatigue. emoticon
    47 days ago
    So happy you are getting vaccinated. We too are happiest in our own bubble. Colored my hair for years with a fancy cut, broke free from the color at 60 three years ago now, feel so ahead of the curve. I love your hair and attitude.
    47 days ago
  • LORI-K
    Wow! Your hair! I just love it!! 😍

    I am with you. Staying down low after vaccinated, for a while, anyway. I do hope travel is in the near future though. I miss my kids and my BFFs like crazy!

    Life really is wonderful, spent at home and safely outdoors, when you’re with loved ones.
    47 days ago
    We have decided that we will wait at least 2 weeks following our second shot to even think about being out and about. Not sure when we will ever feel comfortable dining indoors and will try to see friends or have social gatherings outside since the weather is getting nicer.
    I do know I am tired of the garage birthday parties for my grandkids. Sorry to say, most of them are winter birthdays and we have been frozen and damp trying to celebrate. The kiddos, of course, don't mind the cold a bit.
    We will see how this plays out over time before we decide to add in more activities or outings. Mostly I want to hug my kids and grandkids!.
    47 days ago
    I get my next shot in 10 days. I live in Texas - we have a terrible governor. We love baseball and have tickets but have to wait until the MLB gives us the ok about fans in the stadium. I want to travel this fall. This trip I have planned with my DH for quite some time. It is on hold until the travel company feels it is safe to travel. Galapagos and Machu Picchu in September.

    47 days ago
    playing it safe!
    47 days ago
    I get my next shot in 10 days. I live in Texas - we have a terrible governor. We love baseball and have tickets but have to wait until the MLB gives us the ok about fans in the stadium. I want to travel this fall. This trip I have planned with my DH for quite some time. It is on hold until the travel company feels it is safe to travel. Galapagos and Machu Picchu in September.

    47 days ago
    Not sure. Just trying to do today in a reasonable fashion. (smiling)
    47 days ago
    I get my first harecut in over a year tomorrow!
    47 days ago
    "we have come so far why take a chance of risking our health now?"

    I'm with you! I feel that my state, despite being conservative deep in its roots, is full of people capable of thinking for themselves and following the health advice. Still, my county, which has a liberal cast to it, has a mayor and health director that put in tighter controls than the surrounding state... I felt like I was in the best of all worlds. We kept businesses open, for the most part respected one another, and got through it.

    It helped a lot that both the Governor AND the Mayor held lots of news conferences at which they featured health care (and epidemiology) specialists, educators, business people, including a bar owner who encouraged other restaurant/bar owners to stay the course, as the fastest path back to "normal".

    And now, with appointments for vaccines accelerating (I just got my appointment for my own first dose, right before I read your blog... next Monday, first opening of the day), there are a lot more smiles, along with the cautionary notes.

    As for "doing more things" after I'm vaccinated... well, not a whole lot, but I will get a haircut. I will see my grand-dog and "the kids" more. I will return to the way I lived before the red zone hit, and probably GRADUALLY add things back in.

    I have got used to shopping less, doing more acquiring of things online and thru curb side and delivery. I'm not in a hurry to take a lot of risks, but I sure do look forward to a few "events" once I get trained up to my satisfaction again. I haven't done a lot of the virtual ones, because I recognize that those 5K's, 10K's, etc. are social events for me.
    47 days ago
  • VHAYES04
    47 days ago
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