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Midterms and Stuff

Thursday, March 04, 2021

The issue with the appointment at the Centre was sorted out and I suspect, the person who takes care of things for me wasn't impressed to return after 2 days off to find my emails. In all fairness there was no email stating she was away - just the typical corporate email that comes with anything sent to the Centre.

I felt stalled today at work. No matter how hard I pushed to get things done, i felt my tires spinning. I hit a wall and was suddenly exhausted. Then I felt overwhelmed. Then I felt like "what the H am I doing here, why do people trust me with their lives and who do I think I am anyhow, this is ridiculous, I can't even think what to do next and here I am responsible for people's lives..." yeah, it's ADHD, it's likely thyroid, it's Covid and not getting away and it really is the nature of the job. I always believed since I started volunteering in hospital back when I was 14, if I ever don't feel humble doing my work, I need to quit. That and "the day I think I know everything and am the expert, I need to quit." So I took a breath, the like there were angels, my co-worker showed up for assistance - which wasn't work related. I was able to help her out, it was pretty simple and that made me get back on track.

I miss going for lunch with my friends from work - she and I would go for lunch every month. We'd choose a day where if we returned a wee bit late, no one noticed. We both have ran over work time doing work stuff and not charged, like others I work with, so it all balances out.

Friday is D day for shop steward - 4:30PM is the cut-off and I'm finished with being the Chief Shop Steward. The steward taking over will be in for a shock, as she glides around playing the role without ever having to get her hands dirty or do any real work - on behalf of our coworkers and union. I've had a good talk with the Union Rep and she'll be taken to task on her apathy at some point over the next week or two.

Big news, I received 92% on my midterm. The big questions which focused on in-class lectures and personal opinions (which had to be couched with concepts with learned in class), I received 100% marks. I tell you, I sweated over those questions. The basic questions, I missed a few marks - which I had suspected when I turned the test in. My brain was fried though, and with only 20 minutes left of the 3 hours, I didn't want to lose out submitting my test over 1-2 marks. I saved everything on Word in the event there was a crash or it wiped out my answers. But it all went smooth and I submitted it on time.

Four more assignments to go - I believe - and still have to finish reading a book, which we weren't able to order at the onset of class. I think that was a mistake on his part. He assumed we all could access the book in the college library and didn't account for those of us who could not travel (or would not travel) to the city, to sit in a library for 4 hours and speed read a book. I got mine a week ago. I know for many 200 pages is pocket change. I'm not a quick reader and my ADHD comes out when I read, especially if it's not a gripping novel. My "About Canada" book is about Women's Rights. (history to present day)

The book has to be reviewed in a specific manner - will deal with that down the road. Next assignment is choosing a song which has political or social reform theme, and analysis. We have a big project to do, regarding ripping apart a corporation of our choosing - looking at the good, the bad and all between. There is another assignment where I have to choose what I'll be doing, likely creating a budget and analyzing the reasons I made the decisions, the impact positive and negative. Or I could attend a council meeting virtually (hard in my community, won't even get into the mess of our small town politics) or do a political analysis piece.

All this has to be done towards the end of April. May I tear out my hair now? LOL!!

On another happy note, I held a virtual Epicure (spices) party and sold enough as a host, that I ended up with $126 worth of free products and 3 items 50% off (each). It felt like Christmas. At the end of everything, I saved $200 and spent $135. My cupboard will be full! I also got kits and tools, such as soup kit. It's a silicon soup tern that is for the microwave and the spice mixes to make various soups. Perfect for a single person like me.

BC has decided to do a big medical experiment - we will not be doing 2nd vaccinations in accordance to the recommendations from the manufacturers. 2nd vaccinations will roll-out 4 months after the initial vaccination. There is huge controversy. We are the ONLY ones WORLD WIDE who are doing this. On another note, my parents will be vaccinated in a couple weeks - their doctor will contact them on time/day.

Even though I live with auto-immune diseases including asthma and work not only front-line, but in people's homes, my coworkers and I are not priority. If they stay on track I will receive my vaccination towards the end of July.

As for massage therapy, I may have to rethink seeing this RMT. She works only 2 days a week and is heavily booked. She wants me to come in at 8AM for massage on a Sunday, at the end of March. Too many RMT(s) are working part-time out of homes, and while I understand they are balancing their professions with raising children, it's frustrating. There are just too few in this area who are full-time and accessible.

I like her too. I really think she can do lots for me, but 8AM on a Sunday! Plus waiting almost a month for my next massage and then what happens....as I need massage every 2-3 weeks.

I have to think more on this.

Well, that's it for me. I'm going to chill out and get to sleep before 2 AM. I am tired tonight.

Take care all!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BONNIE1552
    34 days ago
  • LORI-K
    I enjoyed your report today! WTG on your midterm!
    I don’t know what to think about y’all getting your second vaccines so long after the first. Why go against the recommendations? What is the experiment for them in doing so? I hope your parents get theirs soon and that you don’t have to wait till July. Things are moving along rapidly here in TN, and I may be able to get mine soon. There is no rhyme or reason, from state to state. I wish it were all uniform for everyone, everywhere.
    Your spice party sounds fun, especially all of the cool perks you earned!! Woohoo!
    An 8am Sunday morning massage sounds a bit odd. I hope you can figure out a better schedule.
    I relate to your thinking patterns and thought processes, and really enjoy your blogs!
    Have a great day!

    44 days ago
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