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Sunday, January 17, 2021

This last week we drove up to Denver to meet with a new endocrinologist. So far I'm really impressed by her. When I was looking for an endocrinologist who had more knowledge about pituitary disorders she was the first one I saw that seemed like she would know more about my issues than your average board certified endocrinologist. She is also the head of the endocrinology department at UCHealth in Aurora. She asked me a ton of questions. She did a very basic exam of my body. More than anything though, she listened to me. She listened to what I had to say and listened to my concerns. She answered any questions I had too. She treated me like I was an intelligent person. She never once acted like she was superior and had all of the answers.

The last endocrinologist I had here in town was good and did some things that would benefit me, she also didn't listen to me. When I brought up taking a hormone I should be on, she dismissed me despite giving her evidence that it would benefit me. She wouldn't even entertain the idea of giving it to me because it's not FDA approved for people with my condition. If I had been younger I probably wouldn't have been so irritated by this but I'm 50 years old and I'm not getting any younger. Anyway, when I talked to this new endocrinologist about it she said that she would look into it. I have been taking it but only because I was able to get it through a naturopath doctor in Arizona. It's terribly expensive though! I told my new endocrinologist about how much better I felt being on this new hormone. I also told her about the other benefits I felt from it. She actually listened to me and said that she would do some investigating to see if there was a way to get it other than through a compounding pharmacy.

After she reviewed my medications she said that I was on too much prednisone. She said that unlike hydrocortisone that has to be taken at least 2 different times of day, prednisone only has to be taken once a day. Cutting out the afternoon dosage should help me to lose weight. She also said that the anti-diuretic I have to take can/should be reduced. She's taking it slow though, when it comes to making changes with my medications. She doesn't want to make too many changes too quickly. I also mentioned to her that I was supposed to get my ACL in my other leg replaced in February. She agreed with me that it would be best if I waited until I got vaccinated before having the operation.

Two other things that has me sold on this new endocrinologist, so far, is that she trained at Massachusetts General Hospital. The same hospital where I had my brain tumor removed. Also, she told me that they now know what gene causes pituitary tumors. I found that to be really interesting that not only did they find out what gene causes pituitary tumors but also that she knew this.

All in all I was pretty happy with how the appointment went with her. I'm holding my breath though because I liked the endocrinologist here in town too until I brought up the hormone that I should be on. This new endocrinologist though, seems to be willing to listen to me though. She is also making changes to my medications that the other one never mentioned changing.
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