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Celebrating my 69th birthday ALL of January...HA!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Hello sparkies!

I've missed you all.. but I have SO much on my plate right now it's hard to get through the days just working, scheduling the intake and delivery of furniture coming in and going out of my little consignment gallery.

In the meantime, I've been busy trying to meet a few interesting menfolk now that I'm finding my feet again 18+ months after the loss of my darling hubby.

I must say these meet ups...are HARD work! I don't call them dates because that word just freaks me out. I'm not even anywhere ready to call meeting someone a date yet. Don't really know if I'll ever be..LOL!

But, I've met some very interesting men and guess what... a lot of them are widowers and just as lonely and lost as we ladies are without the loves of our lives.

Surprisingly. a lot of them were in long term marriages and we ALL know men are basically helpless when it comes to domestic tasks so I'm trying to cut them a little slack in being so needy. Not saying ALL men are..but many of the ones I've met seem to get pretty clingy pretty quickly.

I'm not going there. This is the first time in my 69 years YOUNG..that I've actually had choices in what I want to do and where I want to spend my time. I got married the first time when I was only 17 years old..no apartment, no going out on dates (I could call them that at that time), no carefree times to just explore who I was and what I was all about. I stayed married for 10 years to a man that was a total lunatic..very controlling, very jealous, almost to the point of being a verbal abuser so once I FINALLY worked up the courage to divorce the nut case I then went through all of the insanity of him stalking me and basically making me SO miserable I questioned myself on trying to obtain a divorce in the first place.

Enter my DH who I lost in June of 2019 as a very close and wonderful friend who I married just the day after my divorce was final. So in all actuality you could say I've been married for over half of my life. 52 years retroactivelly...you get why I'm not anxious to repeat the same history right?

But I do know the sum of two is much greater than one and I do know that I will someday find the special someone that will hopefully be a good partner for the rest of my years on this beautiful planet. I'm sticking my toe into the water once again and I'm finding out that with a few boobs out there...for the most part the men are very interesting.

Sooooo now you know that my time is being well spent in self care and self exploration...all good things for the human experience.

I thank you SO much for checking in on me and encouraging me through this new chapter in my life.

I'm hanging in my friends...hanging in!

I hope 2021 the BEST YEAR EVA for all of us! It certainly HAS to be an improvement out of the INSANE year we have all been through.

I'm on a waiting list for the vaccine and three of my friends have gotten their first dose. That's encouraging...not one of them has croaked yet or gotten a bad reaction from the vaccine.

ONWARD and UPWARD beautiful friends. Make you mind up as to what will make your life better this year then DO IT...just DO IT as Nike says.

You will be better, happier, healthier and I'll BE SO PROUD of YOU!


Bobbi Anne
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