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Thursday, January 07, 2021

When something keeps popping up in you life you have to wonder about the significance of it; what is it trying to tell you. The thing that has repeatedly popped up for me recently is the word STOP.

The devotional post I read this past Monday was from a blogger who was trying to figure out what her "Word for the Year" should be. I know many people here use that same technique as it gives them focus. She came up with the word STOP and I decided it would be perfect for me too. STOP doing the things that are not Godly and will not help develop the best version of yourself.

Then yesterday's lesson for the 100 DWL team was about staying "on plan". Part of our assignment was to come up with a self-talk phrase to use immediately when your focus starts to slip away. I thought to myself "Perfect! I have just the word. STOP". Short & sweet.

Something I want to work on this year is mindfulness/awareness and so a Spark article caught my eye this week -


In this article it talked about - you guessed it - S.T.O.P. !

S - Stop what you are doing
T - Take a few deep breaths
O - Observe your experience (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensation)
P - Proceed with something that will support you being the best version of yourself

I wanted to tie this to another great point Beck made in the article I referred to in my last post. The situation she used as an example and I have experienced myself has to do with experiencing increasing sensations of stress over a few days. You have a craving. You keep going to the kitchen to look for something to sooth you. You can't figure out just what it is that is bothering you. You have managed to resist so far. Your confidence is waning. And, eventually you give in to the temptations.

Beck asks us to think about how long the food pleasure lasts vs. how we felt after the pleasure was gone. Yes. Us Beckers are very familiar with this question. Where you happy with yourself? Well, of course not! Her client reported the same feelings we can relate to - being made at ourselves, regretting what we had done, and worried about what it would do to our weight.

I'm hoping that setting Mindfulness/Awareness as a goal and using the S.T.O.P. tool as part of my practice that I will be able to have better control over those times when cravings pop up.

What about you? What do you do when those cravings pop up? Are you able to catch them in time? This has been difficult for me to do so I'm hoping this will help. I hope it might help you too!

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