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Saturday Dec 19th .. Oh where have I been?

Saturday, December 19, 2020

hello dear dear Spark of light friends ..

from the busy .. hectic .. "empty mom's home project " ..
and I was busy .. I spent day after day there .. plus three weekends .. I wasn't on track to accomplish the goal I had set .. but only a month or so off .. which isn't bad in my books considering the drive .. the circumstances .. and the time of year ..

after delivering a birthday gift I missed a 6 inch step that led from the front door to the deck
.. I managed to stay upright .. at my age that is very very important ..
I broke my right wrist on both sides in Cuba ( between ceremony and reception of my daughters wedding ) two years ago ..
so I know first hand that my body meeting the turf is not the best plan ..
in doing so my right arm took a hit as it grasped for the distant the hand rail..
hanging on for dear life ..
then my right ankle took the full weight of me yes still sitting at that starting weight of 150 glorious pounds .. the impact created a nasty pain on the outer side just below the ankle bone .. pray pray pray
get to my truck ..
and I did .. I had to use my cruise control to drive up the hill to get to the highway ..
nice and slow I made it home ..
to examine and assess the damage .. hmm very swollen but no bones sticking out .. thats good
I wrapped it .. iced it .. and prayed non stop ( actually I started praying as I was trying to stay upright at the onset of the event .. ) I know prayer helps ..

the next morning my hubby took me to the hospital for X-rays .. after at least 10 shots of different angles my doctor said she couldn't see any breaks .. ( I was thankful ) .. but now I'm thinking if I would have had a boot to protect my ankle it perhaps would be healing faster ..

I contuse to wrap it in tensor .. then put on a bulky fuzzy sock which allows me to slide it along the hardwood ..
or I use the office chair ( with the wheels to get me from room to room .. ) kind of like a scooter .. knee on the seat hang on to the back .. now push with the other foot ..
by being inventive I've managed to do the major tasks that need to be done ..
very slow .. and sometimes takes all day .. but I do mange ..
yesterday was the first day I left the house ..
I braced up and hobbled to the garbage .. then drove to the post office and the bank .. that truly was far enough

all in all these past 10 days have made me realize
-I need to perfect patience ..
-I am no where near the "gratitude is everything" poster child
-I'm disappointed to not be baking and creating Christmas traditional treats .. cabbage rolls .. perogies .. ginger cookies .. pies .. pies .. pies ..
even though the restrictions here allow "no one that doesn't live with me " to be in my home .. period ..
yet the Costcos ... the Walmarts .. Big Pharma .. Big Business remain open for business ..
the joke here is dear family .. we will meet in isle 5 at Costco for Christmas greetings then proceed to a restaurant where we can sit 4 at a table to dine and visit .. in a room full of total strangers ..
this is my opinion .. and I know it has snuck out into some of my comments ..and I apologize for that ..
Canada is fast tracking towards communism .. I gave up mainstream news probably more than 8years ago .. I do follow world news .. I have several friends that live in different countries that I trust and rely on their insight .. to get a feel of the big picture .. and believe you me the picture is much bigger than what we here in Canada are being fed ...
none of the worlds situation had helped with my lack of being able to stay busy and productive

so today .. I will drag my head out of my rear .. and get with it ..

I realized how much I used busy and schedule to not have to think about the world and the narrative taking place ..

new day .. new thoughts ... new plan ..
All things work out together for good .. I need to get off my own nerves ..

last night while holding down the couch .. crocheting listen to Christmas music .. I sent a message to our neighbour .. he is elderly .. a very wise wise man .. I hadn't seen him in his back yard at all and was concerned ..
I just sent him a text to tell him I had been keeping an eye out for him from the couch where I had been assigned security duty making sure it was held down .. ha ha
I also asked if he was alright .. and could I help him in any way ??
Much to my surprise he called me on the phone within a few minutes
he was so thankful that someone had reached out to him ..
in the last 30 days he said he had found himself quite depressed .. ( he is a worldly and wise man .. having served in the Canadian air force .. a political scholar so to speak that knows the history of the present PM of this country .. because of his knowledge he had fallen prey to a darkness that he just couldn't reason his way out of .. ) much like I ..
as well he missed not being outside
in the summer time we were both able to garden and to push mowers around to physically tire us out .. tend to the plants .. and water .. and visit .. but with the onset of winter it seems the lack of outdoor exercise has taken a toll on him as well as me ..

I for one cant go anywhere yet .. but I am going to start an exercise program that will twist ... stretch and challenge my body as best I can ..
my neighbour promised to keep in touch ..
he asked if I would be making my famous rolled in sugar ginger cookies ..
that made my heart smile ..
and I will .. why not .. office chair in place .. knee resting nicely I should be able to manage ..

that simple act of reaching out .. ( not just wondering and thinking about him) .. actually reaching out to ask and care brought a warmth to my heart that I know has been missing for a while ..
my plans today are to reach out more .. write those letters .. make those phone calls .. donate to different organizations and churches that have crossed my heart ..

get off of my own mind ..

these are difficult times ..

there is no need for me and my mind to make them worse .. God knew all about the evils of man .. the lengths he would go for control in the name of greed .. these same events were taking place at the time of Jesus's birth ..

Dec 21 ( two days from now ) there will be a meeting of the planets to create a replica of the "Star" that shone when Jesus was born .. " the Christmas Star" will appear in the western sky 45 minutes after sunset .. look to the heavens
when Jesus was born 2020 years ago there was chaos ... violence .. darkness of souls .. political and social unrest ..
this "Christmas Star is the meeting up of Jupiter .. Saturn and Mars ..
this star brought light .. promise .. love .. peace and restoration of man to the world ..
so let there be peace on earth ... and let it begin with me ..

thank you my dear Spark friends .. thank you xoxo

from my heart to yours I send you love .. wrapped in peace with joy attached as the ribbon to hold it all together .. May the love of God fill our souls .. May we be guided and protected always by the love of the Universe ..


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I enjoyed your blog and I hope you feel better soon.
    Merry Christmas.
    I added you as a friend.I hope you don't mind.
    71 days ago
    Very fortunate that this wasn't worse and a excellent reminder to reach
    out to those who may need a hand. I have mailed more cards this year
    that in other recent years. To stay in touch with those who have little or
    no family left. The news is not good, no matter what country you live in.
    It is very depressing, indeed.
    73 days ago
    Amen, my friend. Remember why.....We have so much to believe in! So glad you are healing up and getting about! emoticon
    73 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    Amazing that no bones were broken, you were very lucky indeed. But they say a bad sprain can take longer to heal and be more painful than if it had been a break. So nice that you reached out to your neighbor - I am not one for doing that, I wish I was more thoughtful. My DH is the one who, without being asked, just goes from house to house helping shovel or doing the random little act of kindness that I wish I would think of doing. I will be looking for that Christmas Star - might even drive over to a big open area to find it as we are surrounded by tall pines. Take care, my friend!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    74 days ago
    Glad you have decided to be strong and not give up with the injury. Being a senior it is tough trying to stay balanced sometimes. Love that you reached out to your neighbor and in turn received a blessing . Sending you peace, joy and hope for a wonderful Christmas. Hoping to see the "Christmas star" Monday evening! emoticon
    75 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/19/2020 9:43:12 AM
  • EISSA7
    I have taken lots of spills and broken bones in three that I can think of...never a convenient time, is there?!
    Congrats on your innovative method of navigating your home and reaching out to your neighbor!
    Wishing you a wonderful week filled with peace, joy, and love.....
    75 days ago
    75 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Glad you have a resolution to be more careful. Falling has a tendency to hurt us. Stay well.
    I have 2 sisters in Canada who use some news resources, and they both have a dim outlook on Americans. Stay objective.
    75 days ago
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