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Walking log update and new goals

Sunday, November 29, 2020

This has been an off year totally. I've probably only walked less than half of a normal year. Between injuries, taking care of my brother, gout and just being totally exhausted, I'm lucky I've made it this far. That said. Im hoping that 2021 will be better for my walking to get back on track. My walking is what it is. I can only do what I am physically able to for that particular day. I'm not going to beat myself up but instead will move into Decetrying to get myself up and moving more. I'm working on being the best I can be now. I've got to accept my body hasn't aged well the past year. Many things took a toll on me. Life threw me curveballs. Dealing with bipolar depression has been an ordeal but im progressing one step at a time through the darkness into the light. I know what needs to be done. So on.my walk around the center of the Earth that I started on July 24th, 2012, I am 12,747.45 miles in. There are 24,901.45 miles total. I never thought I'd make it to 1000! Yet here i am still plugging away, headed towards 13,000 miles. I surprised myself. I'm also on my 6th virtual hike of the Appalachian Trail. I started this trip on May 19. 2019. I use the walking4fun.com mileage of 2202.0 miles for the trip. I'm at 1665.38 miles. Im disappointed that I won't finish by year's end but it is what it is. I finished the Jordan Trail on walking4fun.com on November 18th. I started it on May 20th, 2020. It was 432.6 miles long. I started the Kungsleden Trail in Sweden on walking4fun.com on November 19th. It is 308.3 miles long. I'm 15.81 miles in. Lastly, my year to date mileage is at 867.33 miles. This is about half of my normal year. This was far from normal this year. This motivates me to do better. I'm disappointed but life had other thoughts for me this year. When I started my walking back in 2008 I had died from complications from gallbladder surgery and was terribly weak. Just walking those 15 feet from the car to the house was hard. I slowly built my strength up walking in the house, room to room. Then I ventured to my Aunt and Uncle's house across the street. After a few of those trips, I began slowly adding distance to my walks. By early April I took my first complete mile walk on a trail with my son and brother. I thought I was going to collapse in a help but I made it. We walked around Osceola Island in NE Tennessee. Things just went up from there. Then, I stopped walking regularly. I don't remember why. I'd do random walks but nothing regularly. Fast forward to July of 2011. My diabetes was out of control. Up to that pound I had lost 30 pounds but quit trying. I found Sparkpeople in 2008 but quit. So in July 2011 it was back to Sparkpeople and holding myself accountable. I lost another 40 pounds and unfortunately I have gained and lost the same 15 pounds dozens of times. I get frustrated with it all and quit trying but I track everything I eat everyday. I'm hoping to work also on.my diet in the coming years. There's a fine line that if I cross it my migraines over in overdrive. I have so many migraine triggers it's not fun. I'm excited to try the Misfits fruit and vegetables box to see if this will help my diet. I'm supposed to get a box every other Monday. My son picked out some vegetables too so I'm hoping to help get his diet more balanced. So here's to a restart of getting my health back on track as well as my exercise and diet. Here's looking at new challenges and changes in my life once again. Life throws us curveballs and we need to realize that we can catch those and straighten our lives out at any moment in time. If you fall off your goals and plans. You can stop and reevaluate your goals and restart. If you're struggling you can restart daily if you are having difficulties. The pathway to a healthy body is harder for some of us. As we get older it is so much harder than when we were in our 20s or 30s. I'm 66 and it's really difficult at times. Thank you all for reading this and I appreciate your comments and prayers in this journey. Right now it's one step at a time, one day at a time. Sending out love, peace, joy, happiness and hugs to you all.
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