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Stuff I learned while home schooling for a few days

Saturday, November 21, 2020

I planned it all out and thought I had it full proof. Nope, not even close.

This is what I learned.
1. The chrome book is really easy to break. You drop it and the screen it no good.
Kids drop everything.
2. Passwords... You have to write them down. Kids can remember the most unlikely things, but not passwords.
3. If you don't log out of the chrome book zoom via the leave button, you can't do anything else zoom related.
The leave button doesn't always come up.
4. Why can kids go to day care, but not school?
5. I had 2 kids. One had lunch at 11 and one at 12. Argh. They expect parents to work and keep up with that. I couldn't fathom how people with more than 2 did it.
6. The 7 year old had a strict schedule. I loved that. The problem. She is in a special program for reading and had to leave the main group at special times. The teacher didn't tell her. Again, Very frustrating to have to watch the time non stop while trying to work also.
7. The middle schooler had pretty much no structure and the teachers were not very reliable. He spent most of his day in independent study and not knowing what he was supposed to do.
8. PE classes were all videos so no get up and stretch there. They weren't workout videos either. They were watching someone do some weird cup game or learning about diseases.
9. They day cares do there own thing and ignore the kids schedule. It was annoying that these kids would join the classes late and then have so much background noise that you couldn't hear the teacher. Then in one situation, the smaller kids kept coming up and asking the bigger one to come play. The 2nd grader got so frustrated, he put his head down and cried the whole class because it was not fair that he couldn't go play. Well, so much for the other kids learning.
10. Kids have odd interpretations of the facts that they watch and listen to. I was trying so hard not to laugh at some of the comments.
11. Some kids really want to be there and some don't. My 7 year old grand child loves to listen and soak it all in. She kept her microphone on mute but answered all the questions (some right, some not). Other kids were very verbal and shouting but not paying attention so not answering the questions and they didn't care. They just wanted everyone to see and hear them.
12. kids get frustrated easily.
13. Some kids really do better in school and some do better with individual study.
14. You really have to keep up on what they are doing at all times. The 6th grader thought that as long as he was listening, he could play a video game in the background.
15. Most IMPORTANT: It is very hard for the parent to work and home school. I was so exhausted all the time.

I woke up early, worked out, made breakfast for the 3 of us. Sat down and ate with the kids. Then gave the 6th grader practice work because he started at 10 and the 2nd grader started at 8. Once the 2nd grader was signed in, I started my work. I had to take breaks at set times to make sure she had what she needed or was in the right place.
The 6th grader really needed more structure. He had a 2 hour lunch. I looked at his schedule. I said..What do you do at school? He said that he hangs out in the lunch room until his next class. Gee, that is not helpful for learning. They expect him to bring a book and study in the lunch room. Yeah, right. Thankfully, he is switching schools after Thanksgiving. I hope that they give him a better schedule.
After lunch, I had them do some stretches, etc so that they had some down time. The 2nd grader only had 40 minutes so I made sure her lunch was ready before she got there so she could jump around after.
Once school was done, I worked until my stuff was done. I took vacation each day. I couldn't imagine working at home and home schooling 2 kids all the time unless I set their schedules and used one of the go at your own pace plans.
Once I was done with work, we did homework and dinner and games and books and walks. I did cooking and dishes and practiced and cleaned and discussions and boy was I wiped out.
Yes, hubby helped but he works in an office. He said that if we never do this again, he would be happy and he is so glad that our kids grew up when they did.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon I know virtual learning is tough. The one thing I hope parents learn from it is how annoying distractions are. You would be amazed how many call multiple times a day because they can't make up their mind what they want their kids to do after school. Every day we have to hold the buses because some poor kids are so confused and have no idea whether they are being picked up on time, late, or if they are supposed to ride the bus. emoticon
    63 days ago
    OH my gosh. I couldn't imagine doing work and schooling either. Much frustration!

    You made it through. Congratulations.
    63 days ago
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