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hmm .. time to get out of my own head ..

Sunday, November 08, 2020

well dear friends .. its been quite the past few weeks ..
full of all that's great ..
wonderful and fun ..
plus a lot of exercise .. ha ha that came across disguised as exhausting!!

We have had:
sunshine .. we have had great unusual warm weather up until yesterday ..
great weather to get those last minute outdoor things accomplished before 6 months of winter

lollipops .. well of course it was Halloween just 8 days ago ..

great and heart warming adventures .. as "empty the house" continues .. ( was to continue today but the weather man has me staying put .. no need to drive on ice covered roads .. not going to risk my life )

thank goodness for the exercise at the house and yard because my indoor routine has lost it's luster .. time to engage in to a new routine .. and stick to it ..

when I sat down at the keyboard to blog
I promised .. nothing negative .. nope not a word .. not an emotion ... notta .. zip ..
we are and can be bombarded with information..
if we allow it ..
keep your lid on ..
allow nothing that doesn't serve your greatest good .. or benefit your family .. community and world into your space ..
I find if I have in fact lost my peace and begin to worry .. the best thing I can do is crank up the music .. do some inspirational reading .. get outside .. or call a friend that I know I can count on for a giggle .. I try to not sit in my own thoughts .. our minds can be wonderful friends ... but also horrid enemies .. pay attention please .. xo
remind yourself often ..
all is well .. all is well with me and my soul ..
write it on your bathroom mirror if need be .. do what ever it takes to not be effected by the negative ..

I have to tell you about our day at the house on Friday .. my daughter .. her best friend in the world for the past 41 years and myself tackled the veranda .. 10 feet wide .. 40 feet long .. packed to the nines .. from two generations of collectors .. my grandparents .. my uncle .. and my mom ..
from pole lamps to an antique organ well over 100 years old ( my great uncle was the music man of the family ) and a cabinet tv you could make children's bunk beds out of .. ha ha you know the size .. stacks of books and magazines .. shelves jam packed with trinkets and plastic flower arrangements from the 60s .. ashtrays .. records .. 8 track players .. and 8 tracks .. cassette players .. cabinets and collections ..
lets just say .. after many a trip to the curb with "free stuff" .. several trips to the area headed to online auction .. and even more trips to the dumpster ..
the veranda has pretty much been restored to the amazing space that it once was ..
.. I could feel the change in the energy of the space ... almost a "thank you " as the room expressed energy and space for potential uses .. the ideas are endless ..mixtures of activities .. open this wall into the kitchen .. da da sun surrounded eating space .. the possibilities are endless .. a music and reading area .. full of bookshelves .. I can see clean shiny wood floors covered with beautiful tapestry rugs .. the windows shiny and clean and topped with valences and blinds .. ( oh my mind can take me places .. we still have the cleaning and polishing part to take on .. ha ha )
yet I felt it .. truly brought tears to my eyes
the space is happy .. so happy ..
and so was I .. happy and grateful for the help ..
plus we truly had a blast .. tonnes of giggles .. the odd swear word .. ha ha .. shared stories and memories as we worked .. funny how it felt as though we weren't getting anywhere ... then all of a sudden we were done .. ( in record time I must add ) wow .. I felt divine assistance .. yes I'm an odd duck you all know that by now .. ha ha ..

I honestly pray each time I go to the house .. " that those that collected and loved these treasures please assist in the redistribution of them .. I ask of all of you to make the daunting task at hand .. easy breezy covergirl ".. sometimes I am even more forceful and ask with certainty .. " I expect you all to be with me and help .. yes I do " .. thank you in advance .. ha ha

not only is the veranda space happy but everything that could be donated to assist and share with others has been .. those that received packages of books .. puzzles .. crafts .. yarn etc are thrilled as well ..
nothing feels better than sharing and making others feel good .. nothing!!

am I on schedule .. ??
Nope .. close but no cigar ..
am I upset .. NO .. this will be done in divine timing ..

today was to be a full work day at the house again .. my girlfriend and ex coworker was coming along to help me tackle the basement .. we have rescheduled to Nov 11 after the Remembrance Day Service due to the incoming weather system .. rain ... freezing rain and blizzard .. no thanks not risking our lives driving back on glare ice

I will make a quick trip before the rain starts to toss the "free" pile in the dumpster if someone hasn't given it all a home .. then come back home to cook .. looks like a good soup day ..

news update .. My grandson has already cleaned up the "free pile" .. oh what would I do if I didnt have such an amazing family ..
when I think of him I always smile .. He was 20 when we had a certain picture taken of the two of us .. years later .. ( he's 25 now .. ) we were looking at the picture of he and I .. when he said .. look at that gram .. I look just like you .. ( yes we do have the same noses .. eyes and smily lips ) .. now isn't that the million dollar compliment .. he is a foot taller .. so we take pictures with me seated ..
great memories ..
I am so thankful to have such memories tucked away to keep me happy and content for the next 40 years .. Yep .. plan on living to be very old .. with all of my noodles and bodily functions in tact .. amen

kitten update .. Miss Georgia .. much to my surprise at times is still living under our roof .. she has calmed a lot .. or perhaps I have gotten more in tune with how to react and help her mature .. time out in her kennel seemed to do the trick .. lately she hasn't even had to have been kennelled I can calm her down just by petting and holding her until she purrs ... she can be so so super sweet .. then a split second later .. ears back ... game on .. wow makes me giggle to type this .. she's become best buds with our 160 pound pup Sparky .. she totally adores him ... he's still not in love but he tolerates her face washings and her sleeping with her little head on his front leg under his chin .. cute or what ... but the look in Sparky's eyes still tells me he could live without her .. ha ha ..
my old kitty Baggins .. still snarls and growls .. but when she loses sight of Miss H on paws .. I can see the curious look on her face as she searches the room looking for the little trouble maker ..
so thanks Seaglass (Nancy) for offering to take Georgia .. there were lots of times I could have invested in an air cargo pet box and taken her to the airport .. lots ..
ha ha ..

On the health and wellness front .. I have not followed my plan 100% .. so I have adjusted the goals to be more flexible and fun ..
food wise I've been pretty good .. since my dear body decided for itself it doesn't care for dairy or fried foods .. I'm sure I save at least 400 cals a day due to cheese , butter or oils .. funny how if we pay attention to how our bodies feel and react to certain foods we are privy to a vast array of first hand knowledge ..
I must say i watched the documentary "Heal" on Netflix .. the first time about two weeks ago .. since then twice more ..
wow .. the power of the mind .. the power of the body and our ability to envision and create .. I truly suggest that you watch it if you can ..
I had asked my nephew to watch it since his health road will be bumpy for a lot longer .. he said he would ... but somehow it I don't think he's going to .. he has allowed his mind to take him to the negative ..
I will never give up trying to encourage him and share what I know with him .. but he has to at least try .. he said he listens to the mediations .. but my soul thinks different .. he won't follow my advice at nutrition and juicing either .. so I pray ..
and pray some more .. he is 56 and single .. and has moved out of his condo back to live with his parents on the farm .. when my hubby went to see him he was told " he's in the basement .. we dont see him much .. "
that makes me sad ..
food for the body is
no different than our thoughts .. they can feed our souls .. or they can fuel the fires of unrest .. worry and fear ..

fear not dear friends .. for we are fearless .. warriors for all that is good .. we cultivate and create magic .. love .. compassion and kindness .. as the old lady on the Franks Red Hot tv commercial used to say ..
"I put that sh$t on everything "

love ya dear friends ... lets have a rockstar kind of day .. a rocking November ..

song today .. And it always will be ..

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I started doing through things 2 years ago and was knocked off schedule
    by surgery and a long recovery period. Now I find it hard to start up. I
    almost panic to give away the memories but realize I will always have those
    even if I don't have all the sentimental items. I can do this.
    76 days ago
    You are making progress in so many ways, my friend! I so admire your ability to organize, clean and make your spaces awesome! I, alas, am a clutterbug....... emoticon One day, soon I hope, you'll see that first hand. emoticon
    76 days ago
  • SEAGLASS1215
    All that cleaning and sorting and getting rid of things sure has kept you busy! I'm so glad Miss Georgia is working out - patience with baby fur-balls - the old grumpy pets usually learn to at least tolerate them. Bringing a new adult animal into the fold is usually more difficult.
    I plan to watch that documentary you mentioned either today or tomorrow (when DH is out, as he controls the remote when he's here....or he gives me control then comments about what I pick to watch to the point where I just hand it back, as I can't enjoy a show with his constant complaints about it).
    Here's to a rockin' great week, my friend! Crank the tunes and dance your way through each day!
    76 days ago
    Glad you are doing well and keeping busy.
    I am so happy that you kept the little kitten Georgia, sounds like she is fitting in with the family just fine.
    Have a rocking November emoticon
    76 days ago
    Have a rockstar month! emoticon
    77 days ago
  • LOSINGIT2020
    I hope you do have a rockstar day, and a great November!
    Iā€™m going to have to watch Heal.... sounds interesting. emoticon
    77 days ago
  • no profile photo MLR_00
    77 days ago
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