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Hidden Anger

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Denying anger is detrimental in many ways Unacknowledged or simply ignored, it is a path which leads to destruction. Our peace. joy, and happiness become the victims. Relationships and health are damaged or destroyed.

Why, then is it that we hold on so tightly to something self-defeating. For some, it may be boundaries which have been crossed. Others may feel disrespected. Personal values may have been disregarded. Or, sometimes it can be a simple lack of communication or understanding.

In these cases, it is important to get in the last word. It is my belief that anger comes from being hurt. The more hurt we are, the more important it often becomes to hurt others as badly as we hurt.

Acting out is common when angry. There are times we either do not recognize the anger or are unaware of what is motivating some of our behaviors. One of the most common things I will do is neglect to do what is right for me. I will often use food as a means of not dealing with what is bothering me. I either overeat or eat junk. Usually, it is both.

Whether it is avoidance, sarcasm, self-destruction to name just a few, The issues will not be solved without an honest self evaluation. In the end it truly is love which conquers all.
Love of self and love of others will stop the vicious cycle, and return us to a healthy path.
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