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Bite Your Tongue / Daily Journal #1

Monday, October 12, 2020

No, really, don't do it. It hurts.

My guess is I was clenching my jaw / grinding my teeth last night while I slept because the tip of my tongue has a nice gouge in it. I don't have straight teeth (one day I will!) and so my tongue gets caught sometimes between my top and bottom teeth. But, I don't remember biting it yesterday while eating or anything so the only thing I can guess is it happened whilst I slumbered.

Speaking of sleep. I seem to be sleeping a lot better now that I'm actually MOVING again and drinking more water and eating better-ish. The eating thing is still a work in progress, but yo, I am getting there! I used my InstaPot tonight. Made Salsa Chicken with Rice. Let me tell you HOW IMPRESSED I am with this thing. I'm so excited to use it more now! Plus, I have portioned lunches / dinners for this week.

For those who don't know, I went to Art School. Yes. I'm one of those "art kids" .. except, I'm not. I've never been anything "enough" to actually be a stereotype. It used to make me crazy, but I'm cool with it now. I'm multi-faceted.

Anywho. I CANNOT draw. I suck at it. Everyone always kind of is like, "yeah, I can.. see.. that? sure!" when I show them something I'm proud of that I've drawn. So now... my daily journaling will include..... SKETCHING! You won't.. be able to see it here unless I take pics and upload them (which I can do), but I'll still be coming back here to tell you about my sketches.

Like, I really started this yesterday, and I drew a lamp, a coffee mug, my record player (all in my living room) and then I drew an angel. THEN. Because I was feeling the vibe, I went for a walk and sketched the beach scene I saw before me. And I wrote a poem. And then I found this leaf that I love. So now he resides in my journal.

I just... feel good. For the first time in a very long time. Still stressed and tired and in need of a vacation. But I feel good.

Because I'm putting ME first for the first time in a very, very long time.

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