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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Well as you saw in my last blog a lot is going on. So let me start with the stuff that really doesn't have anything with Sparks. I was able to see my granddaughter tonight but because I am not hooked up to facebook and my computer will not download anymore pics I can't show how beautiful she is. Work has been just a roll a coaster between loving it and hated it but I guess that is why it is call work. Family has been good. Now that number nine is here I have to get ready for number ten, he is due in January so I will be throwing that baby shower in October. I also forgot to tell you that I found a doctor who will see me and I think he and I are going to get along. First of all he thinks that my 135 goal, that EVERY doctor I have talked to wants me to get to, is BU******, He wants me just to considerate on one to two pounds a week only and not worry about anything else. It doesn't look like I will be able to see a GYN or an ENT anytime soon due to the facts that one the office want me to put my personal medical info on the internet and I refuse to do that. Second most ENT will only see the kind of patient that I am once a week and only one of us each week and all of them are booked until December

So now that has been said let get onto Spark business. I have not been doing so good on my goals this week so I read an article called" 3 to 5 key actions that will move you toward your goals". The first step is a SUCCESS SCORE CARD before I can do that I have to define what does success look like to me. I have no idea! In fact I usually run away from it. So I don't know how I am going to do that step at all. Once I figure that out the next step is to keep a score card each day with and either give me a grade of A-F ( A being the best and F failing of course) or 1-5( where 1 is the worse and 5 being the best) then look at it each week. Where you celebrate your successes and learn from your mistake each week. Then if I every get past this first step I suppose to BULLET JOURNAL using the Write, Feel it, See it, Be it rules. I get the whole write it , see it thing but the feel it and be it thing is something I will have to figure it out, also it wants me to break big goals into smaller goals and I am all over that. I do my weight loss like that each week but I rarely follow through on weather I have reach those goals or not. The next step is ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. Well I kinda of have two but I wouldn't call them Partners. One is my personal trainer I pay her to keep me working out so if I'm not than she gets paid for nothing and I am not okay with that. As for the other is my hubby even though he is my life partner as an accountability well let's just as I am not my best when he tries to tell me I am doing something wrong. LOL So I don't have one of those yet. Then the next step they call it WHITEBOARD it is simple drawing it out on something to give you a visual breakdown of your goals and I guess it all good if I can only get past that first step. Yeah I know the first step is always the hardest. The last step is to celebrate streaks but I am not really good and celebrating and bragging on myself so once I can't do anything that I don't know how to do and never been taught how to do it.
Success had always been one of those thing that has scared me since 8th grade and an A I worked SO HARD FOR all year was yanked from me( that is a very long story) So I don't know how to change that mind set.

Then most of you all already know I read that article on not to take yourself so seriously. After reading that I found out that I wasn't the only one that could use it so I may if a discussion topic for the next twenty- six weeks. I hope it will take off.

I will keep you posted on each step and I hope you will join me on the discussion boards so we can help each other
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    Well, with mine what I do is on my nutrition tracker I put a note for the day - what went well, where I could have done better and that helps me to figure out how to improve each day.
    23 days ago
    24 days ago
    I’m glad you got to see your beautiful little Olivia! Wow! You’ll have 10 grandchildren! What a blessing!

    I see you have a plan. Please tell me you will take small steps so you won’t get overwhelmed. You have so much going on.
    28 days ago
    Congratulations on the new grandchild. wow 5 children & 11 grandchildren. You've accomplished a lot. emoticon It's great that you are on a Walking streak emoticon , I'm new to Sparks & I sometime find, I get overwhelmed & need to try not to beat myself up. I try to remember taking one small step is moving forward. It took me years to gain, so I need to be patient on losing weight. emoticon
    28 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    I finally found a doctor I like about 2 years ago. Before that I was going to someone who only wanted to write a prescription and not dealing with the underlying condition. He would actually keep you waiting for an hour or more past your appointment time - yet pharmaceutical reps would walk right in.
    28 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    29 days ago
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