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75HARD Completed! How I managed my way through.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

75Hard and how i managed my way thru.

When i started 75Hard on July 10th, i was totally in need of a personal challenge. This fit me perfect mentally. Physically, it was a whole different story!

I was just coming off of a course of steroids for degenerative disc disease (fancy term for arthritis) and treatment for kidney stones. My body was feeling good at this point because the inflammation was greatly reduced. So, i jumped in head on. Ready to ride, run, lift some weights and be one fit and fabulous woman at the end of 75 days.

Starting out, i was doing great with my daily workouts. I felt strong and energized. A few weeks in, the inflammation in my back kicked in, then my hip and knee. It got to the point that i could barely walk! I started doing yoga and physical therapy every day. That and swimming. Some days i ended up doing functional fitness as my daily workouts. A/K/A, house and farm work. It was at this point that I determined i would do the 75Hard program often. I could apply this program to suit any need i have. Whether it be decluttering, crafting or fitness goals.

The app for this program was inexpensive. I think about 5 bucks. It gives you a daily check list to keep track of your daily goals. I love that! It’s super simple to use. There is also a photo record of your accomplishments.

Drinking a gallon of water a day was a killer, but i did it. It was helpful at the start because of the kidney stone issue. Then it just became bothersome. I swear, i peed 14 time a day, easily. I counted the times one day. It was beyond ridiculous. This one thing alone was enough to make me want to quit. How did i track my water intake? I started with a gallon jug of water and used that to fill up my bottle. It refilled 6 times. I have 3 bottles that are all the same size. I placed 7 rubber bands on one of the bottles. 6 tan and one red. every time I finished a bottle, i moved a band down below the red band. I carried 3 bottles of water with me everywhere! But only counting on one bottle.

I have been wanting to quit this program many times, mostly just because of the water, but partly because i felt like a failure with the fitness aspect of this. A friend of mine MsAnita, has been doing the challenge too. I can see a huge difference in her body and she’s lost weight. Color me jealous! My body does feel better. Stronger. My left hip and knee and my lower back don't ache every time i move. The yoga has greatly improved my balance.

Part of the challenge has been to read 10 pages a day of a REAL book. Not an ebook and not a novel. It was a challenge to learn something new. I have read several books during the challenge and have found that i read like an investigator. As i am reading, i have to dig in to what i read about. Most of the books I’ve read have been about the Vietnam War. My husband is a Vietnam Vet, so i am interested in learning about the goings on of the war.

During my reading and “investigations” I have found out that Ho Chi Minh spoke fluent Esperanto. Esperanto is a made up, “constructed” language! Created in 1887 by Polish ophthalmologist L.L. Zamenhof. So of course i signed up for a free “class” on Duolingo. It reminds me of Spanish with a bit of French and German tossed in. Some of the words are the same as the English with the exception of an “o” tossed on the end or the “c” turning in to a “k”. It’s silly, but I’ve had a lot of fun with it. My brain is getting a workout too! I’ll probably never be fluent, but its been great fun. “Bonvenon, kiel vi fartas? Welcome, how are you?” “Cu vi logas en la urbo? Do you live in the city?” “Bonan Nokton, Good Night!”

I’ve also been doing a 30 day Vetoga challenge as part of the 75Hard workouts. The first 5 days were just 5 minute “classes” and every 5 days it increases up 5 more minutes. The 5 “subjects” are meditation, breathwork, yoga Nidra, yoga asana and journaling. The journaling has been my favorite of the 5 classes. When i finish each journal entry, my brain feels like its been cleaned out. The instructor gives prompts/hints to get you started. This has really helped me work thru some things I’ve been struggling with, namely, the death of a friendship. I’m not sad that its over, I’m just sad about the way that it ended. You know when something needs to be done. Over. But you don’t expect there to be so much hatred and hard feelings. I thought we would be friends forever, maybe not best friends, but still a part of each other’s lives. As it has turned out, she would probably cross the street so that she didn't have to address me. Through journaling, i learned that i was the best friend possible and that any problems she has with me are her problems. Not mine.

At the end of the 75 days there is an option to continue on to “phase 1” which adds 30 more days, a 5 minute cold shower every day, 8 critical power list tasks and 10 minutes of visualization. Honestly, i have no desire to do the next 30 days right now. So I’ll pass on that. Now i may modify it to suit my purposes. But to follow it as planned, not right now.

If you decide to take on the 75 Hard challenge, keep it at. It’s really just a mind game. You already know you can do all of the requirements. It’s all very simple stuff. The hard part is KNOWING that you have to do it for accountability purposes.

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