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Are They Weird Already?

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

I often wonder about the dogs my family has. Are these dogs weird already or do we make them that way? I am starting to believe we form them to be weirdos.

June 2019 we had to put our beloved golden retriever down. Gabby was 10 weeks away from being 13. We know she had a good life with us. We surely did love her. We called her the hoarder (and a billy goat due to what she would eat). She was run away with almost anything. As a puppy she loved socks. She would eat them. Socks didn't always like her. As she grew, she would steal or eat weird things. Often if I could not find my clothes, I would look in her cage or the entry way of the house (she loved to lay in the entry way). My pajamas were often things she stole. She most definitely loved food. She stole, bread, chocolate, onions, tomatoes, egg plants, flour, lentils, peanut butter, canned goods, cat litter and stuffed animals. I was on vacation once and she ate my friend's bread, peanut butter cups, and chocolate covered espresso beans. They thought they would have a dead dog. Nope, just a very happy one. When she stole the flour and lentils, she left a trail. She always carried a baby or stuff animal.

Months after she passed, my son brought our German shepherd home. My son said he wanted he went to look at the puppies and Thor just ran into his lap. We say Thor chose my son. Thor has been with us just over a year and has added a lot. He is my walking buddy as we go a mile every morning since May. Even with his walks, he is bonkers. He loves to run away with socks and scrunchies. We have caught him with my cavalier's thyroid pills, cotton balls, q-tips, bread, veggies, fruit, scissors, all the dog bedding, and other items. Yep, the other day he somehow got the scissors off the counter. Thankfully he knew not to run with them and we got them pretty quick from him. This morning, he ran with a calm shell full of tomatoes. Now, I would think it was Gabby reincarnated. However, my papillon does weird things too.

Yesterday morning I found a package of cream of wheat on the floor. My papillon ran away with one and tore it open. Thor just spread it around the floor. She is one who will get the uncooked noodles out of the cupboard. She also has stolen grapes off the vine and eaten raw broccoli straight from the grocery bag. Oh yes, she started eating the loaf of bread that fell from the fridge. Took her snack right out of the middle.

These dogs are feed high quality food twice a day. Precautions are taken for them not to get the food. Chairs are put in front of cupboards and things are put on top of the fridge. These only work if they are done. Let's face it, a teen isn't exactly great at putting things back.

Our dear Gabby
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SUSANM18
    The vet suggested to me that I try to get my Pepper to eat raw broccoli to help up her fiber intake. She also gets a high quality pet food, but has anal gland issues (she's a small dog and it seems this is common with this breed). Extra fiber helps with that particular issue. So if nothing else, your broccoli eating pup is helping herself to a healthy treat.

    Gotta love our pets, they add so much to our lives.
    33 days ago
    Gabby was gorgeous.Don't worry all dogs have their eccentricities.Mine can recognize the golden arches.She loves a Mac Donald's drive through in summer she likes an ice cream cone in winter a burger but she does not eat ice cream at a drive through after Oct. 31st .
    34 days ago
  • KATIE5668
    Cute story...I had a German Shepard, REX, who could not resist the trash. I had one of those huge trash barrels with the locked lid..but sometimes I would come home to find trash everywhere thru the house and REX with the saddest look. I know he was thinking..I am in trouble cause Mum didn't lock that lid right!
    I had to laugh, inwardly of course..but he truly could not resist the call of the yellow trash can!!
    Dogs are a delight and a joy!
    34 days ago
    A dog that would steal your egg plant needs counselling.
    34 days ago
    LOLOL silly dawgs!! So glad they don't get sick, but they are QUITE entertaining!!

    Gotta love the happiness of coming home and watching those wag so HARD they almost fall OVAH!!! Sweet little things!!
    34 days ago

    Make today the greatest day of your life
    Until tomorrow!

    "Each of our acts makes a statement as to our purpose."
    Leo Buscaglia
    35 days ago
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