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100 Days Alcohol Free - Success!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

My decision to #LoseDaBooze started because I was tired of undoing all the healthy activities I was choosing. I'd eat well during the week and then came the weekend where I'd allow drinks and what always came with it was lots of junk foods.

Our inhibition goes down when we drink alcohol and we feel like it's ok to eat more because after all, we need something to coat our stomach or absorb the alcohol.

So very often I'd end up regaining the few pounds I would have lost during the week and I just got tired of the cycle. In 2017 I reached my lowest weight in 2 decades - and it only happened once I completely cut out the alcohol for long stretches at a time - my longest stretch was 277 days AF).

With 2020 came the pandemic and I allowed drinks back in and found myself at my highest weight again. On June 7 at around 9:30pm I set my #sobertime app. I reached 100 days yesterday and can say with utmost confidence that I'm done with booze for good.

My health is my priority. In just 100 days I have lost 20lbs and 19.75 inches. I have been back to consistent exercises and while my nutrition still needs some work, I try to follow the 80/20 rule. Simply cutting out the alcohol makes a huge difference since our body has to process that first and in most cases ends up storing the food we eat as fat as we've already likely consumed enough calories with the alcohol we've ingested (reference to Chapter 14 - Alcohol Explained by William Porter on Alcohol and Obesity).

One thing I know for sure... I'm not going back to the cycles of drinking and regaining weight. The accountability and support of the SparkPeople community also makes a difference. Thank you for sharing the journey with me. #SoberLife #sobriety #soberandstrong #alcoholfree #sobergroups #sobercompanion #healthy4life #healthylifestyle #healthy4lifewithhelene #Wellness360 #weightlossjourney #weightloss #consistency

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