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The Move.

Monday, September 07, 2020

Although it is quite sweltering here in California at this moment and the skies are hazy from our fires, I thought I would fill you in on what I will be doing within a year time. I have made a difficult but not so difficult (if that makes any sense,) decision that will drastically change my life. I will be moving to Austin, TX and leave my beloved Marin County behind.

This has not been an easy choice I have made, but I think an important one. I have chosen to move near my daughter and her family; I want my grandson to really know his “MIMI.” I have gone back and forth so many times about this move; now that my mom is deceased there is really nothing to hold me here except for my love of California and my hometown of Marin. But the thought of being able to do all the things a grandmother does with their grandchildren, and allowing Lev and my relationship form into a solid love between the both of us is important to me. I need to be close to my daughter and her family. Yes, I need family.

I will be honest; this move will be totally out of my comfort zone. And to get to the other side, I need to walk through it.

I am now working with a realtor looking at real estate to buy in Austin. I am totally dumbfounded with the prices for homes there in comparison to here. Actually there really isn’t any comparison when it comes to California’s cost of living. The cost to live here keeps on rising with no sight of ever lowering. My state will eventually price me out if I decide to stay here; so the move to Austin is a good thing for me.

“Change is good” is my new mantra. I wasn’t planning to move at this point in my life but then again, there are things that I cannot control. I will keep you posted; I only hope I can find my nitch and fall in love with it’s eclectic lifestyle in Austin…
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hello Fredie - your blog doesn't surprise me and I came here to check in on you - the other day I saw someone on our Nextdoor post about a St. Bernard puppy and thought of you! I think it is GREAT you are moving to be near your daughter and grandson. I love California and have lived other places - and hope to stay here. But, the fires have been bad so it's discouraging. I know plenty of people who have moved other places and completely get it! I would have LOVED it if my dad had moved here to be nearer to us. I know you will do well whereever you land in Austin! And I heard there is a good art community so I'm sure you will thrive.
    207 days ago
    wow, I just now saw this blog, and was shocked. I didn't feel like you would ever leave Marin, but circumstances do change in life, and this may be a good thing for you. I for one who's grandchildren were so far away that I really don't know them at all, and as each of them graduated I realized that I was just a face in a photo and an occasional visit and that was it, so yes, I agree that it will be good for you. What about your son and his family, will they be closer or further away? Hope you find just the right house, condo or whatever you are hoping to find, and I know you will love decorating it to your satisfaction and it will be beautiful. Sorry I didn't get this before this, so you had better let us all know how the process is going,
    Give Bernie a hug.
    218 days ago
    This looks like news that is days old. I have many family members/friends that moved from CA to Texas, including myself. Austin is probably the friendliest for California transplants. I am not in Austin now, but I always said that if I did not move back to CA and stayed in TX, I would live in Austin. Work and relationships altered that plan. I hope you will enjoy your move. My brother and family moved from San Francisco and live in Westlake Hills. They enjoy the area. My sister-in-law's parents move from a suburb outside San Francisco to a house that looks at the Capitol building in Austin with a little guest house in the back. You will be amazed at the houses you might be able to afford...
    219 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    Praying for a good move for you!!! emoticon emoticon
    221 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/9/2020 12:38:27 PM
    As sad as it will be to leave Marin, not just the area but also the close friendships you cherish, this will be a good move for you and the family, as I know you have a special relationship with your daughter. Your grandson will most certainly benefit by having you close by. You will create a welcoming home, and -- bonus, if you're thinking along those lines -- there is a whole new client base for your decorating/organizing business!

    Austin seems to land near the top of Money Magazine's "Best Places to Live" every year, and they base their ratings on a variety of factors. You won't have the fog to cool things down after a heat wave, unfortunately, and be prepared to be addressed as "Ma'am."
    222 days ago
    BIG decision, for sure: and one you've really pondered very carefully. But I hear in your blog a deep "knowing" that this is the right thing for you and the right time . . .

    Very few of us live in our same houses until our deaths, quite frankly: and it's good to make that choice for ourselves, rather than having it made "for" us because we've lost capacity . . .

    We have relatives in Austin and have visited there of course (and previously they also lived in Marin --at Larkspur!) Austin is quite unlike "the rest of Texas" from all I can figure out . . . the municipal motto is (apparently) "keeping it weird"!!
    222 days ago
  • EISSA7
    I truly understand the inner struggle that has led to this decision...loving where you are but feeling the intense desire to be somewhere else, as well. I am truly happy for your ability to reach a decision and to begin the steps necessary to make it a reality. You are brave...you will walk thru it and arrive happy and excited to begin your active MIMI role! Best wishes as you begin this journey! emoticon
    222 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    Being far from my only grandchild, I sympathize very much. It will be challenging but you will make new friends and a new life there.
    Wishing you great success with your move.
    222 days ago
    Congratulations on making the decision to move to be closer to your family! I think it's absolutely wonderful news! You'll get this done, one thing at a time.
    222 days ago
  • no profile photo CD25947845
    Great decision. My suggests Is not to buy the first year but to rent. Since it is a new area you do not know what neighborhood fits you. You also don’t know the reality of how much time you will be spending with them since they both work. Unless you are planning on being the Nanny while they are at work. Don’t rush into anything but get to know the areas and opportunities for your forever home.
    222 days ago
    WOW! Yes, this is a BIG decision, and a major change. Very exciting. What kind of housing are you looking at? I heard Austin is a really nice place. There is nothing like living near family. Knowing how close you are to your daughter, this makes perfect sense.
    222 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    What a big decision finally made for you. I think you will be happier closer to your daughter and also to enjoy your grandson. As we get older, family is important. I could not imagine leaving here and moving such a distance that I would not be able to see my son, or any or other family members.

    I imagine Austin is not much different than California, because Texas is just as hot. If the cost of living is quite a bit less, then all the better for you. I see this as a win-win situation for you. It's just that darn moving thing that will be the biggest hurdle to get over.

    I would be excited to embrace new adventures and also the closeness of family. Take care and enjoy the rest of the holiday.
    223 days ago
    You already know that I completely agree with what you are choosing to do. I now have 8 grandchildren and the only two that are close enough for me to really be in their lives is Jake and Roman. I feel so blessed that I will be able to get to know these two boys in a way that I have not been able to know my other grandchildren. I'm still hopeful that Brandon & Shelly will move back to this area one day - I know he has been submitting applications. But I also understand what a huge challenge this will be for you! Wishing you all good things.
    223 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    A hard decision but you won't regret the time you'll get to spend with your grandchild! And yes on cost of living, especially Bay Area...my BFF recently sold her home (which she'd inherited) in Marin and bought a huge house in PA for less than half that!
    223 days ago
    You, being who you are ... I am certain you will find much to love!

    Best wishes to you as you undertake this move. It is BIG.

    Like you, I have lived in the same community my entire life. But, unlike you, I have no children or grandchildren and still have family (siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins) that remain.

    DH and I have contemplated moves. I've visited so many places and really feel no calling away from here ... at least at this point, I don't. I do realize that things could change. And, being priced out is of concern to us.

    What an adventure you have ahead of you! And, what a gift you are making available to your family: your presence.

    223 days ago
  • VHAYES04
    223 days ago
    223 days ago
    Enjoy the journey friend!!
    223 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Having grown up next door to one pair of grandparents (on 15 acres) and 3 miles down the road from the other pair (on 50 acres), I cherish the memories of having them so active in mine and my siblings' lives. I am 5th-generation Austinite so I understand the difficulty in your decision. The house prices and taxes and cost of living have not been kind to us senior citizens who have been here a long time and more and more long-timers are moving to suburbs and smaller towns with a lower cost of living.

    Lucky Lev!
    223 days ago
    Blessings to you on your move. I certainly can understand your wanting to be w/your family! That is totally important. Very hard choice for sure, but family is SOOoooo important. Wonderful.

    223 days ago
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