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Goodbye 240s, hello 230s!

Saturday, September 05, 2020

I am proud to say that I am officially in the 230s without fudging the scale in any way!

I had a stagnation for a little bit (very little, but hey, I'm inpatient) and am so happy to have a little progress on the scale. I had jumped the gun a wee bit on calling 240 due to a finicky scale and wishful thinking. I am still on the line for loss on schedule, but not as fast as I would like. But that's okay.

In other news, the dog is loving his new "bug" which equals a new laser pointer.

I managed to also look toward the sunny and hot evil that is outside and beat back the goatheads along my front path. What are these things I speak of? They are the hellish spawn of nature and jacks or caltrops. EVIL incarnate. I am glad I got to them today because they were already starting to go to seed. Not on my watch. It means that I will have far fewer of the things get inside of my house and attack my poor unguarded feet..

Starting that whole exercise thing...on accident. Many many (for me) flights of stairs up and down the two-story building that is my office. Being an impromptu IT manager means that when things are working, people don't even think of me. When the systems fail, all hell breaks loose and it is my fault. But I still love my job and I am glad to hopefully be back to working my normal job instead of cussing at computers (as much). Job title: "Other Duties as Assigned" and proud of it...usually.

Now it is time to bake up some veggies and settle in for a night in front of the TV.
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