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Monday, August 31, 2020

Today I started the daunting task of weeding through my clothes. Made it through my pant drawers and my closet. Now to go through my lounge wear drawers. I don't need to go through my exercise drawers as I am sure those still fit perfectly well, they are spandex after all and are built for the snug fit in the first place, it will be nice to have a little breathing room in my yoga pants. LOL
I still should tackle my undergarment drawers as I am sure I got so big lady drawers will just be sagging off me rump and the bras well their cups are no longer runneth over and need to go and i shall soon invest in something that enhances my smaller rack.
Oh and I still need to put all the clothes I decided to keep back on hangers and back in the closet. But that will wait until tomorrow.
I will need coffee to get me through the job and at the moment drinking coffee this late at night will not give me any rest.
Recently I had bought a bottle of Walden Farms Caramel Syrup and I add 1 TB to my coffee with my MCT oil and Cream. Let me tell you that is quite the game changer. I feel like I am drinking a Coffee House Specialty Drink.
I will also plug another Walden Farms product..The Walden Farms Raspberry Vinaigrette. Oh I tell you put that on a salad with some pecans, chicken, cheese, and I add 10grams reduced sugar cranberries. emoticon **PERFECTION**
Now I have tried the Walden Farms Peanut Spread once and never again *yuck*, but these 2 are life savers. I have tried their Blue Cheese Dressing and its good but has this tiny aftertaste, not a horrible one but like an undissolved taste of onion powder but I put blue cheese crumbles on my salad with this and YUM...It was good enough to reconsider buying again with my caramel Syrup.
I also did buy a Chipotle Ranch Dressing that I have not yet used. But gotta say these Salad Dressings with a 2TB serving size go a long way in a salad and are pretty dang good.
I have on my list to try the Caeser Dressing next. Oh and I just saw that they have an Apple Butter Fruit Spread that sound delicious and would be awesome to add to my wintertime oatmeal.
LOL..Great now I am going to go to bed hungry..I bet I dream of eating EVERYTHING!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I don't specifically do Keto, I have a crazy diet. I am gluten intolerant, Egg intolerant and I do not consume pork (kosher). With those guidelines in mind I do try to eat lower carb but with intermittent carb days: you know high carb day, low carb day then higher carb day. The maximum I go is 60 net carbs on the higher days then below 40 for lower carb. I used to be strict low carb less than 25 net carbs but truth is I wanted to incorporate beans into my meals so that is why I aim in the 40-60 carb grams daily, I get a half cup of legumes, 1 oz dry chickpea pasta or I make half a serving of Quinoa to add to some shrimp, spinach, feta and tomatoes. 1 oz dry pasta cooked can go along way if you add chopped vegetables, like cucumbers, onion, celery, tomato, or peppers to it, then add some cut up chicken or tuna with a serving of salad dressing and you got yourself a cold salad. I love my salads. I love my vegetables, cauliflower and zucchini are the most versatile. Zucchini you can do stuffed, roasted, slice then to be used in place of lasagna noodles, you can make pizzas on the slices, you can make zoodles out of them to enjoy with some pasta sauce or in a stir fry, make zucchini fries or you can just sliced them add some oil drizzled over sprinkle Parmesan cheese and some garlic powder over them and bake in oven..you have nice Parmesan zucchini disks(I make them without garlic now, because my cats enjoy these too...LOL). Cauliflower can be used to make mashed cauliflower which is like mashed potatoes, you can grate it to be rice and enjoy it in any recipe that calls for rice or even make fried rice with it and shrimp, you can make a loaded cauliflower casserole similar to the potato equivalent, use it to make pizza crusts, fry it in some oil then add Parmesan when it is golden, I believe you can even make cauliflower tortillas. I have used raw cauliflower grated to make Tabbouleh. When I make Mexican I will actually brown the meat with riced cauliflower and my beans then add some Mrs. Dash Chipolte seasoning and water and let that marinate throughout it all until absorbed then just pot in an open salad or tortilla shell. Very filling When I eat it is truly the vegetables that make my meal. Half our plate is suppose to be vegetables after all. I add vegetables as they are fillers, low carb, low calorie, low fat fillers.
    Let's see I don't do high fat, I enjoy my avocados and my MCT oil in my coffee but other than that the rest of my Fat comes from the meats, nuts, occasional protein bar and cheese I eat in the day, once in a great while if I am just really need a craving I will go over my fat intake and make Fat Bombs, but I do not eat them everyday. I do limit my cheese intake no more than 2 ounces a day. I look at my daily nutrition reports' pie chart and am for the biggest chunk to be Fat then second biggest piece isProtein and the smallest piece is to be my Carbohydrates. My choices in food I always look for lower carbs like I like my berries, nuts, celery with peanut butter is my latest addiction. I make sure I get my recommended fiber in 25gram per day. I also watch my sodium intake: less than 2500 in a day.
    The one thing I used to do that I want to get back to in incorporate the intermediate fasting which is stop eating at 7pm and not eat again until like 11am, but my hypothyroidism has my schedule so flipped around, I don't have a normal sleep pattern anymore.
    My sweetener of choice is Stevia, Sucralose AKA Splenda acts like sugar with me and the carb cravings start up. I try to stay away from processed foods and do a lot of baking and cooking from scratch. Only processed foods I really have are protein snacks: bars, cookies, cheese puffs for when i need that extra protein. I found these Protein Puffs on Vitacost made but Twin Peaks. They are like tiny cheese balls. You get 1 cup as a serving or 30grams (I weigh it out on my scale) I have tried the Nacho Cheese and correctly am trying the sour cream & onion flavors. They are a perfect popcorn replacement for snacking. one serving is just 2 carbs and 21 protein grams, 4 fat grams, 400 sodium grams and 130 calories. It is $30 for a jug which holds like 10 servings. But Vitacost does have a lot of sales and coupon codes so you can usually get like 10% off an order. Also I just noticed that all their Walden Farm products are on sale for 15% off until September 14th at 7am ET.
    I have a coffee every morning (mostly to ward off migraines) and I rarely drink any sodas. I used to only drink sodas when I went to the movies and well with COVID, that hasn't happened since the new year rang in pretty much.
    I record everything..and usually plan meals a day in advance, so I already had today's meals inputted yesterday..It just makes it easier for me that way there is no guesswork in what to eat I literally look at my food log like an itinerary...What am I eating next. LOL
    I find for me not one thing works but a combination of things: recording everything, planning a day ahead, low carb/high carb alternate days, portion control(only 3 oz of meat in a meal, which is 4 ounces raw...I weigh everything..no guessing its ok I weigh it and make sure it is inputted correctly). I get in all my water. I don't have diabetes so it is not imperative to eat every 4-5 hours, I eat when I am hungry as that MCT oil in my morning coffee helps to tame my appetite. Intermediate fasting helps me with weight loss as well as exercise but well I am limited on those two things because of my thyroid and its friend the goiter. If i exercise my goiter shifts and blocks my airway, but I move as much as I can to burn calories, like gardening and walking.
    Oh and I don't worry so much about calories as long as it it healthy cuz well come on nuts, avocados, cheese, meat, protein powder or bars..those are all high caloric items, but they are healthy and good fat wise. Truthfully all I do watch with calories is that it is at least 1200 or close to it. I don't want too low as that is not healthy. but I rarely go over 1600.
    I don't do cheat days as why..I already do the low carb/high carb alternating days.
    I don't know if what I said helped but all i really have to say is don't approach a diet with a cookie cutter frame of mind. Everyone's body is different. Keto may work for many people and may not work for others, so just know that you can tweak it a bit to find what works for you. Don't get mad at someone whose weight is dropping while on a diet while you watch struggling to lose an ounce on the same diet. I have read and seen of people lose so much weight on high fat, low carb diets, they are eating unlimited butter and cheese that is making their pants fall off, but for me that didn't work, doing that made me gain and left my belly feeling icky but by limiting those fats and eating the avocados and nuts that get me the healthy fats. I feel better and my body responds well to it.
    Also watch your protein, if you eat too much protein the excess will be turned into fat by your body and you don't to add more fat, you want to burn the pre-existing fat. here is a protein calculator https://www.calculator.net/protein-
    Also remember as you lose weight your values lower too. You need less food to fuel your body so the calories, the fat, the protein grams must all lower too, hence why some people stop losing weight is because they are still eating a bigger person meal for the new smaller person body.
    Wish you & your daughter continued luck on your journey.
    282 days ago
    I started reading this and figured out you must be doing keto because everything sounded soooo good to someone focused on calories! My daughter is doing keto so I am going to share your feedback.
    285 days ago
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