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The Whole House Project

Saturday, August 29, 2020

I've decided to work on household projects with the idea that in 10 years we will be selling and downsizing. Even if that's not the direction we end up going, or we go that way sooner, this will all be valuable work to make the house more functional in the short run and more marketable in the long run.

Day 1: August 29, 2020
Starting all the "flow" from the pantry, which is the intersection of the mostly done upstairs with the barely begun basement. There are at LEAST 5 paint colors and 3 floor finishes clashing in this narrow area. Today's progress is the top shelf and the cut-in work around the ceiling. I'll use up the "Applecrunch" paint leftover from the first kitchen painting session. Once I get to the kitchen proper I'll buy a full gallon of fresh satin enamel.

Day 3: August 31, 2020
Rearranging kitchen shelves (including fridge) as this project proceeds. We, at some points, just shoved things on the pantry shelves where they fit, without any logic. As I paint and patch and upgrade I'm trying to sort out the groupings a little more logically.

September 3, 2020
I got a box of the linoleum I'm thinking of for the whole kitchen and I think I like it! This is just a couple of strips lying loose on the floor for me to evaluate.

September 21, 2020
I'm still plugging away at this project, painting the pantry shelves on the stairs. Today I should be finishing up the scraping and painting of the upper section, and then maybe tomorrow I'll lay the tile. Next picture will be when it's finished.

September 26, 2020

I'm calling this 99% done! a couple of smudges to touch up and a piece of floor trim to buy and install. Yay! Onward!

Meanwhile, the upstairs cubbyhole project is looking good, but left me laughing. I bought peel and stick vinyl planking to cover the heinous attic floorboards, which....look pretty much like the vinyl planking, lol! So basically everyone else is trying to imitate my old house's scabbed together flooring! Here's a before and after shot:


Oof. So tired. But making progress all over the house! Nearly ready to button this one up for now:

The sloped ceiling is covered with a faux tin ceiling wallpaper that I had been waiting to use for 25 years!

I'm pretty satisfied with this little project. The finishing touch will be to paint the inside of the door and tie up some loose wires. Tada!

Saturday, November 14, 2020:

Been back at work in the sunporch and it's really shaping up. First three pictures are midway through, last four are after today's work.

November 29, 2020:

I've been working on clearing out the "sleeping porch" that's right off my bedroom for quite a few weeks now. The first challenge here is that it is literally filled with trash. Castoffs from nearly 50 years of my husband's family owning this place. The worst was when some critters broke in about 10 years ago and chewed up all the stored magazines to make winter bedding. It's shredded all over the place.

Due to garbage pickup limitations I'm only able to haul out one full bag per week, which suits me just fine. I really really hate spending time in there, so dusty and dark and grungy. But there are already hopeful signs. As I'm clearing floor space and pulling up ancient (like 80 years old) linoleum I'm exposing the original floorboards, which look surprisingly sound! Hurrah! Hope that trend continues!

November 29, 2020

Today was the day DH finally hauled the AC units out of the two bedrooms. I opened the sleeping porch door and cleared the way for him and Kyle to carry them in and when he saw just the quarter of the room that I had swept he went "Wow!" He still underestimates my slow method of clearing/cleaning/repairing these areas, since I rarely spent more than a few minutes a day on any one of them. Then weeks go by and he's surprised at how much got done. It still hasn't quite changed his own methodology, unfortunately. He's still a mostly all-or-nothing guy, with an emphasis on the "nothing".

December 1, 2020

Back down to the basement we go. We had our first snowfall, and there are two wooden items on the porch that HAVE to be brought in NOW. Thought I had one more day before the snow came!

Here's part of a panorama of the "before" corner where the dollhouse needs to go while I'm working on it. You can see the painted section of that area on the left side. Need to paint all the old terra cotta block as well as the new concrete block. The floor will get a coating of poured finishing concrete and then paint. The chipboard is actually covering an old broken window that has a window well on the outside. The plan is to replace it all and install an exhaust fan.

And here's the two pieces of the dollhouse, on their sides.
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