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Frazzled Friday

Saturday, August 29, 2020

So today is Friday and I am sitting here wondering why did I chose Friday as my weigh in day? Was it to keep my weigh in and the weekend as far apart as possible, was it because my friend was weighing in that day and in support of her I did my weigh-in day then too, did I start my diet on a Friday(possible but highly unlikely..LOL I am a Monday new diet starter here, whenever it was diet time it was Oh lets wait until Monday the beginning of the week to start it). Actually I think I am trying to talk myself out of weighing myself in and the appropriate question to ask should be why do I keep it as Friday because I know the reason behind why it's Friday. Truth is I never really had a specific weigh-in day I would just weigh my self periodically, but that changed when my friend joined Sparkpeople in June; I changed my weigh-in day to coincide with her weigh-in. I called it being Scale-Sisters. emoticon emoticon
But about 2 weeks ago she fell off the healthy wagon and even though my friend is non-participating at the moment I am keeping my Weigh-In Day as every Friday morning as I continue to pray for her to get the strength to get back on her life saving journey.. I think by keeping myself tied down to a weekly weigh-in that it will keep me constant and vigilant on my path and maybe provide me with some motivation gratification.
Here we go...I hope the scale likes me today....
The scale states that I lost another pound so my total is 45 pounds lost thus far.
Hmm.. 45 pounds down, that's good but... well that's a huge chunk of weight loss but honestly...Argh here it goes...I have been staring in my closet for a few weeks now; dreading and knowing that I should weed through the clothes and discard the clothes that are too big as I keep shrinking. For many people that is an exciting transition, getting rid of their old clothes signifying getting rid of the old fatter you.
But here is my dilemma.
I have hypothyroidism and part of that disorder is weight gain, it's something that I can not just control with diet and exercise, my thyroid has its own mind. So even if I don't eat more than what I already do, I could still gain weight. Experts always advise to never hold on to fat clothes or else you mentally set yourself back up to fail and gain weight thus fitting in those clothes once again.
So my dilemma is should I or should I not go through my closet? What if I get rid of all my "fatter" clothes and then in a month or so or maybe sooner my TSH level (The test done to show if your thyroid is properly working or not) goes out of whack and my thyroid decides to have my body gain weight then all the clothes I now have are too small and all the clothes I gave away are just the right size? And let's face it we are in the midst of another Pandemic Flare-up so just spending money on anything right now is not the best option.
So I guess my question is...When you clean out your closet do you keep a set of bigger clothes, just in case?
Those with Hypothyroidism or even Hyperthyroidism especially, do you get rid of the non-fitting clothes or do you hold onto them in case of a thyroid revolt?
Do you hold on to just a set of fat clothes, (maybe sweats) and if so do you hid them in a drawer, for a possible future use and not in plain sight like in my closet that would taunt me every time I looked into the closet?

***And in case you are wondering yes I pretty much live every day afraid to celebrate my weight loss as I know any day I could just start gaining weight for no reason other than my Thyroid decided for me to do so. I get scared that if i celebrate just losing a pound that then it would be the jinx needed for that hypothyroid roller coaster ride to begin. I think that is part of the reason I was afraid of weekly weigh-ins before, my thyroid was not being treated so constantly I saw the scale numbers crawl higher and higher. Now after the right medication and dosage(had to go higher level in June) I am finally seeing the numbers continually go down. I get excited then get worried of when will that TSH switch flip.
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  • no profile photo CD26223365
    45lbs is a great loss.
    Keep weighing regularly
    Tidy out the closet.
    My spares went in the attic first time round.
    No I don’t have your health issues.
    Bit my hand to mouth button sometimes breaks.
    183 days ago
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