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Learn to Satisfy Yourself on your Diet

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

One thing I've learned through personal experience AND through observation is that IF you feel deprived, you tend to overeat if possible -- as if by eating more of what you don't want somehow makes up for not eating what you do want. You stuff yourself trying to satisfy yourself. It doesn't work! For that reason only, I suggest picking a diet that appeals to you in a general way. Then learn how to MAKE it WORK for you. And then DO the work to make it work for you!

For instance, I (personal preference) love rich foods. Creamy foods. I'm definitely a meat lover. And a sugar addict. Bread and starches are only vehicles to carry what I really like to my mouth. I first tried calorie reduction. It worked -- but it drove me nuts. I remember looking for my shoes in the fridge and looking for my briefcase in the oven. I remember pacing in the kitchen, just pacing -- because I wouldn't allow myself to eat -- but I was HUNGRY! I was hungry for a year; and then I cratered. I could not sustain being hungry any longer.

I researched other diets and discovered Atkins Low Carb Diet. On it, I didn't have to be hungry. I could eat meat! I could make a creamy LC cheesecake! Eat whipped cream! I could have my favorite cheeses! Oh, YES! Yes yes yes! But I didn't want to buy special products and I didn't want to have to cook special things... I didn't want to have to WORK to learn to make the diet WORK for me. And so I deprived myself of cake and ice cream and tortillas.... And so the diet didn't work! Go figure!

Years later, I remembered Atkins as an effective diet, and by then I knew I'd have to actually do the WORK to change myself, so I bought the special ingredients, and I learned how to use them. But I did have to go through sugar withdrawal. For me, as an addict, that took a full year. But meanwhile, I wasn't hungry. I could eat foods I enjoyed. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I could eat sweet things IF I made them at home and made them low carb. And you better believe that I did! I made cheesecake and ate it for breakfast! I made ice cream, and strawberry shortcake topped with real whipped cream! I made bread and tortillas. I WORKED to learn how to use all the artificial sweeteners and stevia and low carb nut meals and flour substitutes and thickeners -- and I really ENJOYED what I ate. Instead of eating a whole regular cake until it was GONE, I could eat an Atkins Diet piece of cake and be satisfied because it didn't have the sugars and flours that triggered me to overeat.

That's what I mean by working whichever diet you pick. Just the word "diet" is gonna make you feel deprived; so figure out how to satisfy yourself within your diet's restrictions. Turn your diet into a way of eating, a way of living! Live that way, eat that way because you ENJOY it! Yes, it takes time and effort to learn something new, to eat a new way -- but eventually, it becomes just something that you are really looking forward to eating, no big deal to make!
Note: exercise works exactly the same way!

MY POINT IS: If you can't figure out how to be happy and satisfied on your way of eating/living, you are doing it wrong. Change! IF a diet doesn't make you satisfied, sit and think about what DOES make you satisfied and find a diet that works with your natural inclinations. And then WORK within the restrictions of that diet to make the diet WORK for you! Please note that I am not advocating that the low-carb way of eating is "the best" and should be adopted by everyone.
On the contrary, I am advocating that there are a hundred different diets out there -- and that you should find the one that you know you can live with forever! Don't think you'll allow yourself to be deprived just until you lose the weight on a short-term diet. NO! Wrong attitude! Find the diet that you can make a Way of Life -- and a satisfying one at that!
DO THE WORK to change yourself from being deprived into being satisfied!
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