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I need some encouragement!

Thursday, August 06, 2020

I went for my walk this morning, and weighed myself when I came home, and I gained a pound. I am NOT pleased. I am hoping it is because I have been walking nearly every day for the last 2 weeks. I mean, I HAVE to have gained SOME muscle, right?

I can't ignore though, that at this stage I should be losing weight. And I am not. I am still eating only 1200 calories, and that may be the problem. It seems counterintuitive to eat MORE calories to lose weight, but I might be in starvation mode. Again, the doctor who told me to restrict my calories to 1200 might not know this. It's so hard to add those extra calories in, though. First, I am pretty full at 1200 and don't like a lot of high calorie foods. second, I am having trouble getting past the psychological block that is telling me that more calories means weight gain.

I think I need to find one of those places that measures basal metabolic rate. If I know how many calories i am supposed to burn to maintain at the weight I am, I can get some advice about calorie intake. In the meantime, I am still walking every day. I am going to try adding 100 calories to my diet and see If I can lose weight. If not, I will add a second hundred, to put me at 1400 calories, and we will see. Of course, if I can get into a clinic to get my basal metabolic rate measured, I might not need to do that. I have checked a number of BMR calculators and get a range of between 1613 and 1667 calories as my BMR. maintenance amount is 2401 calories. That seems like a lot.

At any rate, I'd like to hear from those of you that have had this problem. What did you do to get past this hump so you could lose weight again? and did any of you have the problem with eating too few calories? Let me know.

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    i may have found my sweet spot (at least temporarily). I eat 1300- 1350 calories. lost two pounds this week. :)
    95 days ago
    Thanks RENEE7575! its frustrating that's for sure! good to hear a similar story.
    110 days ago
  • RENEE7575
    In my recent experience, I can't eat too little or too much. When I was letting my SP fitness tracker talk to my nutrition tracker, I would sometimes have it tell me I could eat 1800+ calories. I tried that for three weeks and gained four pounds, so I shut that setting right off!

    My given calorie range right now is 1430-1780. But if I eat several days around 1600 calories, I gain. When I recently changed which bread I buy and went from 120 calories per slice to 50, I was landing right around 1400 calories a day, and my weight loss completely stalled for those two weeks.

    1500 is my sweet spot. I lose consistently at that number, so I try to stay +/- 50 calories of that.

    For me, eating at the low end of my range didn't work for weight loss any more than eating at the high end did. I like your idea of getting your BMR checked, but you might have to have that repeated every so often as your body gets smaller. In the meantime, I think you are right to only add 100 calories at a time. See how your own body reacts to each change, and use that to help yourself get on track.

    Good luck! It's too bad this is not more of an exact science - I've had to do a lot of experimenting and adjusting too. emoticon
    110 days ago
    i have not varied my routine yet. only been at it two weeks and i am huffing by the end of it... the calorie range is 1200 to 1500 according to SP. I am at 1250 or so. thinking i might have to eat more. I weigh every thursday after I get up. I wear the same thing each time. thanks guys for your comments.
    110 days ago
    Have you tried shaking up your exercise routine - walking further and/or faster. It doesn't take long for the body to get used to the same thing. Or even adding some dancing or strength training - anything that you like to shake up your body.
    110 days ago
    What's the calorie range SP calculated for you?
    I find that it helps to eat at the higher end, you don't want to restrict too much.
    Overall it's trial and error, fine tune as you go.
    For the most consistent weigh in, try first thing in the morning, right after getting up.
    Good luck and best wishes.
    110 days ago
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