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My 2 week experiment

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

If you've read any of my most recent blogs, you know that I have tried hard to lose the few pounds I've gained but have not been successful. Several of my sparkfriends mentioned some ideas to me that had already been floating around inside my head so I was inspired to make some changes and see what happened. What I was doing wasn't working in spite of the fact that I was working very hard at it! LOL Perhaps that was part of the problem....

**I was working out A LOT. You wouldn't think you could work out too much but exercise is its own form of stress on the body and I began to wonder if it wasn't too much of a good thing for me.

**I was thinking about calories and macros A LOT. I was tracking everything I ate, but became more concerned with getting enough of this or that or getting too much of the other that I lost sight of the bigger picture. And it meant I was thinking about food all the time.

**I was weighing daily as is my habit but was increasingly frustrated because the scale was not responding positively to my efforts. If anything, I was GAINING not losing!!

SOOOO, (drum roll please...) I made a DESTRESS PLAN!!!

**I put the scale in the closet and promised myself not to weigh for a WEEK! That's a long time for me. LOL The second week I decided to weigh twice.

**I decided to stop working out so much and do activities I thought were fun! I used a few prepared workouts but not 8 in one week like I had the week before! I'm 62 and in good shape and used to exercising, but my body gets annoyed with me if I do too MUCH just like it does if I do too LITTLE. I have to find the balance that's right for me and stop thinking that more is better. Sometimes it's not! (How discouraging to do 8 workouts in one week and GAIN weight. I knew there had to be a better way!!!!)

**I decided to stop worrying about what I was eating and just eat when I was hungry. I didn't fret over not enough protein or not enough calories or too many carbs, too much fat. I STOPPED FRETTING OVER FOOD!

Normally, I'm a numbers person. The number on the scale, the number of calories, etc. but that began to backfire on me because without realizing it, I was putting my body under stress that was counteracting all the good things I was trying to do!

The million dollar question is.....SO WHAT HAPPENED??

I felt FREE!!!!! Free from the scale, free from calories, free from how many workouts somebody else might be doing compared to me. I WAS FREE!!!! What a great feeling it was not to feel burdened down by so many details of trying to be healthy. The stress I unknowingly put myself under was making me unhealthy not healthy! For the first time in along time, I felt unburdened.

I noticed that I began to sleep better, longer. Felt refreshed when I woke up!

I lost1.7 lbs the first week and 1.5 lbs the second week!!!

Lessons learned:
**Don't let the scale be chained around your neck. It's a tool but it can sometimes backfire if used too often.

**Eat healthy but don't obsess over every macro and calorie. Eat when you are hungry and make wise choices. Less time thinking about food can help me eat less.

**Exercise but don't over exercise and have fun at it. Too much is too stressful!

If I ever get back to where I was before I started my 2 week experiment, feel free to remind me to go back and read my own blog. LOL

The only negative to my experiment was that when I set myself free from the scale, I neglected to log my weight at the right time and missed the deadline for the maintenance challenge. I'll continue to log as an unofficial participant and make a note to be more careful about that in the future!
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