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What am I, an Eagle or a Turkey?

Friday, July 24, 2020

Several managers were asked this question at work by a vice president and my answer to him may surprise you as it did the VP. Let's examine the question and how it applys today to my weight loss journey. Soaring high above it's territory, the eagle has the big picture of the situation on the ground. The eagle's vision is fine tuned for clear and accurate long distances. As an eagle looks out for prey, it surveys the entire area, nothing escapes it's view or does it? On the ground, the turkey has an up close picture of the situation. Able to see in front, behind and sides, it's view is very detailed seeing the smallest of the surroundings as it searches for food in the area or does it? The eagle is so far away it doesn't see the fine details and if it misses it's prey the first time out it has to start over again while the turkey is so close to the details that it doesn't find the food in the distance and keeps mulling around in the details. So how do I apply this question when I view my weight loss journey. It's imperative for me to incorporate the views of both the eagle and the turkey. As the eagle, I look at my long term goals and plans. This helps me to pre-plan meals exercise. My daily/hourly plans are more detailed focused so I can adjust them quickly as unexpected events occur. So my answer to that question back then and now is, I'm not an eagle or a turkey, I'm a different kinda bird that has the unique vision qualities of both, so that nothing surprise's me along my journey. This flexibility makes changing my long term and daily goals a positive attribute to being successful and less stressed out.
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