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"Come with me if you want to live." the Terminator

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Follow my reasoning here:

COVID numbers are SOARING in every state that relaxed its stay-at-home orders.
PLEASE wear a mask! PLEASE wash your hands or disinfect them frequently!
I know it is difficult. I know it is unpleasant. I know you have the right not to. That is not the question. The question is "Do you have any sense?"

You LIVE here. Here is your HOME. The people close to you are typically people you CARE about! If you don't, you SHOULD!

You wear clothes, don't you? Even when it's a bit uncomfortable? Why? Because society tells you to and you do it because you must function in society. Why? Because SOCIETY does a lot FOR YOU and it is to YOUR BENEFIT to remain a part of the society that benefits you!

Well, right now we've got a pandemic on our hands because of selfish, careless people. Maybe you don't care if YOU get sick. But those "essential workers"? What about them? What if you aren't wearing a mask and that worker who is providing an ESSENTIAL SERVICE TO YOU gets sick (because you aren't wearing a mask or washing your hands)? Why, then, YOU end up WITHOUT that ESSENTIAL SERVICE! We ALL end up without those essential services!
Who's going to take away your trash when everyone is sick? No harvesters to harvest the food you need to survive. No truckers to bring the food or other goods to the store -- or anywhere else. No one to sell/give it to you. The stores all close. You can't buy/get what you need anywhere. You run out of money because so many stores close and now you don't have a job!

Can't pay for your apartment/home/phone? WELCOME TO CAPITALISM -- now you have no shelter, no food, and no phone! No water either. That's the thing about living in SOCIETY -- you DEPEND (your very LIFE depends!) on everyone doing their job.

Wearing a mask protects you AND protects everyone else (SOCIETY) -- which protects and serves YOU.
It is in your SELF-INTEREST to wear that mask and wash your hands!
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