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Can't Get No Satis-Faction? No-no-no No?

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Whichever diet you've chosen, it MUST satisfy you in order for you to lose weight long term and be able to KEEP it off!

The trick is SATISFACTION -- in terms of your diet, and your tastes, desires, and needs. Fewer calories, fewer carbs, less fat.... whatever it is, you have to figure out how to satisfy yourself anyway, with less -- by figuring our what you can have MORE of! That is why there are so many "tricks" out there, so many recipes, so much advice to DRINK YOUR WATER!

Another thing: pay attention to what your brain tells you. Is it saying "I'm hungry/restless/bored/emotiona
l/whatever"? Be prepared -- prepared IN ADVANCE because you were listening to yourself! -- to fill that need rather than stuffing your face with the easiest thing at hand. Are you seeking out soothing foods or stimulating ones? Start trying new diet recipes that fill that need! Are you restless? Go for a walk! Bored? Read a book or have a hobby! Emotional? Call a friend. Face your fear and figure it out. Go hit golf balls. Celebrate with laughter, a movie, and a card game instead of chips and dip, wine or beer, and cake. SATISFY your real needs in a real way.

You know your life, what's coming up, what challenges you face. Have a plan to deal with it! Have it all set up and ready to go! Was it a recipe you were going to make and freeze to deal with never having the right food at hand? Well, did you go buy the ingredients? Have you made it already? Is is presliced/prepackaged into single servings yet? Is the plan to call a friend for support? Well, have you already ASKED your friend (or 3 of them!) if you may call? Have you pulled out a map and figured out where you want to walk, and if it is safe, and do you have walking shoes? Well? Do you have a place/desk/corner/earplugs to do your work-at-home and have you figured out how much time you have and when you have to start and cleared your schedule so that you can do it? Well?

Having no plan is planning to fail! And not getting all set up to implement your plan is just setting yourself up to fail! Everything has to be ready to go when you need it -- otherwise, you are probably going to flounder. Waiting until you NEED it is too late! And it is SATISFYING to be prepared to handle challenges! It is stress -reducing! And that too helps keep weight off.

And oh lordy -- seek to fill yourself with SATISFACTION in EVERY area of your life -- that'll also make you less likely to turn to food. Find your passion (look online for tips on how to do that). Indulge your passion! Let yourself flow with your passion and lose yourself in it! That's Satisfaction! You'll be so wrapped up in it and happy that you'll forget to eat!

And if you can't figure out what your passion is, help somebody/something. Give Of Yourself regularly. Research shows that people who do that are happier people, more fulfilled people. Happier, more FULL-FILLED people are people who don't need to get their satisfaction from food!
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