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Small Victories

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

This week I am celebrating small victories. Over the past week I have been noticing that my summer clothes are starting to fit better and in some cases are slightly too big and I thought to myself that this journey to weighing less and being healthier is starting to show progress. After I got dressed yesterday my husband had to put up with me walking around the house all day pulling on the waist of my capri's looking at the gap of empty space. These capri's were almost uncomfortably tight in October when we took a trip to Vegas. I admit that I am thrilled with this feeling and did several happy dances throughout they day as I was pulling on my waist to check that the gap was still there and my husband just shaking his head at my silly antics. I briefly thought about taking out everything in my closet that I hadn't worn in awhile to try on but talked myself out of it as I didn't want to clean up the mess that it would cause and I kind of wanted to relive that feeling again with another outfit on another day.

Today was weigh in day for me and again I celebrated another small victory on this journey. I am down 17 pounds and under 170 pounds. This felt like a huge accomplishment for me as this past week I have been struggling with a poison ivy rash and when the itching got bad in the evening and the middle of the night I would find myself going to the fridge to grab a snack in hopes of getting my mind off of the itching. Each time I stopped myself with mindful thinking of why I was wanting to eat and each time I made a better choice of grabbing a bottle of water that I had stocked in the refrigerator to try and keep myself on track. I not only celebrated the weight loss but also the small victory of continuing to be mindful with what and why I was eating.

After weighing myself I did a little happy dance next to the scale and couldn't wait to enter my new weight into the log on Spark People. After entering my new weight I received a little notice from Spark People stating that since I had lost over 15 pounds that I should re-calculate all of my info as I may need to eat fewer calories to continue to lose weight. I admit my heart dropped as I finally felt like I was in a good consistent routine that I could deal with and I wasn't sure if I was ready to drop calories and re-plan my week of food and snacks as this wasn't something I had prepared myself for. I reminded myself that this was just part of the process of Spark People keeping me on track to be successful with my goal so I went ahead and entered my new info and held my breath and let it out with a sigh of relief when the new calculations were still the same calorie range. So I am also celebrating this small victory of being able to continue to be consistent with the same calorie range.

I admit that I am looking forward to more of these small victories that will add up to my bigger goal. I am celebrating my small victories today with sparkling water in a fancy glass and strawberries on the side. I find motivation in reading about other's success on this journey and would love to hear about your small victories and how you celebrate.

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