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Happy Tuesday

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Good morning everyone! I hope your day is beginning well. I wanted to do a quick update on my eye situation.

There has been no change. So... on July 1st I may have to have another injection in it to see if that will help. Introducing the needle into my eye the first time could have started another bleed. That is always a possibility.

I have currently lost my co-worker for awhile. Her adult daughter who has been in a wheelchair since birth had a cyst on the brain stem. Her surgery was yesterday and everything looks great so far. It was a 9 hr surgery. Her spine was fused so they had to remove the cyst, unfuse her and there will be additional surgeries to refuse her spine. Cheryl will be out for about 4 months as she is also her dtr's caretaker along with Joy's son.
I already miss her. She's so much fun to work with.
Can I say I was madder then a hornet on Friday? Evidently around 2:30 PM on Thursday medication (a narcotic) was delivered to the agency. The person who took it did not lock it up. Guess what? 13 pills came up missing. They made everyone that worked that day and who was there after 2:30 to go to the hospital and take a drug screen. I told the guy if I can test positive on BP meds then I'm in major trouble. Of course I tested negative. The issue with this lies with having clients who can go out one door, down a hallway and to the area where that medicine was at. It also cost the agency a ton of money to have everyone tested. I understand why they tested. It just pushed my buttons.

I finally got the spare bedroom gutted, cleaned and returned back to normal. I told my daughter who lives with me that I was going on strike after I cleaned that room because I was upset she never wanted to clean up her own mess. Granted she should have and she did help after I said that. lol. It was long overdue. It's the catch all room and it got way out of hand.

That's really about it. I have no words of wisdom today. I've used it all up emoticon

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