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The Mullet Diet.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

When I was working from home I read an article about Mullet Dressing. It is dressing work appropriate on top and your bottoms being otherwise. Such as wearing a suit shirt and jacket with pajama pants, or a nice top with old ripped jeans or no pants. It was fun to chuckle about some of my work outfits during that time.

I'm not sure I would give my diet a similar name, but it's a mixture that has developed over a lifetime of trial and error and successes. Just to warn you, I use this blog to help me put into words what I am thinking in regard to my diet. So, bear with me as I go through my history of successes and what I have learned and what I have put together for my personalized diet.

When I was in high school I developed a eating plan of counting calories and eating lower carb from plans such as the Scarsdale Diet. I began using the diet as a format, but would branch out with different foods. I learned about foods and how they affected me. I also did a stint with Weight Watchers and ate too much tuna. I kept my weight down and learned to eat whole foods.

As a young adult I joined The Diet Center for a time and again learned about eating good foods, but as usual I would branch out which kept variety in my diet. But, I learned to focus on lean protein, leafy greens and lower glycemic fruits and veggies. I learned about eating on a schedule and drinking enough water. Again, I learned to manage my weight and what worked for me.

As I was raising my children I discovered The South Beach Diet. Again the focus was on whole foods and focusing on eating lean meats and veggies in Phase 1. But, my problem was never getting out of the Phase 1 mode which is the lowest carb level and I began to gain weight eating what was "good for me." Later after coming to Sparkpeople I realized that I could gain weight eating good for me foods, especially when I felt deprived during the lowest carb days and over eat the nuts and other good for me foods.

So, I found Sparkpeople. I began counting calories again. Remember what I learned as a teen? How to count calories. I began seeing the relationship between protein, carbs and fats and the need to have balance. And I lost 30 pounds. I adopted eating Phase 2 South Beach Diet or Sonoma Diet guidelines, but I expanded vegetable lists to include things like potatoes which was very present with growing boys and their father in my house. And it worked.

Over the years I had dabbled in Weight Watchers, but the expense didn't make it practical. I was hearing about the plan where every fruit and vegetable was zero points. I adopted that with my calorie counting and didn't count things like lettuce. It seemed like common sense. Well, over ten years later and being human and getting older, I have gained weight. But, to be honest, my weight gain came when I stopped tracking my food and branched out my eating too much.

I went back to WW as they were transitioning from Points Plus to Freestyle. I liked the zero point food idea for those foods that were common place in my diet like fruits, vegetables, chicken and beans. I ate too many fruits though....

Then came the Green, Blue and Purple plans. I liked the premise behind it all. But, as much as I kept reminding myself that zero points is not all you can eat, it still wasn't working.

Then I came across Dr. Agatston's new book, The Keto Friendly South Beach Diet. In that book he talks about his own weight loss journey from his first book to this one and things he has learned as he considered the popular Keto Diet. I never did Keto because I knew it would just make me eat more because that is what I do when I cut out food groups. But, he talked about how to make it work using the South Beach Diet foods.

I found myself thinking recently about the WW Green, Blue, Purple and other plans and what has worked.

It works to eat moderate carbs.
It works to eat more veggies.
Eating too much fruit does not work. (for me at least)
It works to track my food and the calories.
It works to be aware of my carbs.
It works to eat the foods on the Blue Plan, but remember that I have to limit amounts.

We are all on a weight loss journey. We have learned things along the way. Some things are good and should be kept and some things should be let go of. I want to encourage you to look back at what has worked and what hasn't and consider how that fits into your lifestyle plan today. And no it won't always fit perfectly into one or another plan. It will be like my Mullet outfits during my working from home. But, you know what? Those Mullet outfits began looking pretty good. There were things I wouldn't have considered before. I learned that my top and bottom don't always have to match and that it's okay to be comfortable. That's true when it comes to your diet.

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