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Passwords drive me crazy!

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Monday, June 01, 2020

I am late posting-
--The reason is----- the IMac did a download --- a lot changed--- this morning-

I tried to get into my messages--- from the kids-- and all my contacts were--GONE!
I thought I would go crazy--
so, I called son#2 the Air Canada Pilot -- who was getting ready to go to Hong Kong--

"Why did that download come in automatically?" ---- "You better not check the box that says "Automatic downloads!" he told me.
This Pilot son knows everything--

So after my housey work, I called AppleCare--
- The operator was in Florida.--Can you believe that?--- (talking to me at the end of the world)-
He said, "Go to System Preferences"---then type in your IMac passcode."
But I don't have a passcode on this computer," I told him.

And he reassured me that I had to have put a password on it many many years ago--
Lord love a Duck!----
WE HAD TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD__the guy in Florida and I!-

It took --like--567 hours--but--- we changed several passwords--
The email-----and even Sparkpeople----needed me to reset their passwords--oh--and our tax receipts from the accountant were all pass coded before we could open them-

You know, maybe when we are born it might be an idea to label us with a few passcodes --in private areas , of course--
Then I might remember them!

--Sometimes computers make me feel like the above!---
--But----then, I met all of you Sparkly people on this machine---with a passcode

I do love you all!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have a notebook that I keep all my passwords written in. I keep it in a safe place. I'm glad you were able to get help. Hope you are having a good week.
    71 days ago
    Love you too
    71 days ago
  • 1BLAZER282005
    Lordy Lordy I can relate but right now I'm trying to not laugh so loud. Thanks I needed to laugh in this moment in time. Sending you sunshine 🌞😎 and positive vibes your way Rebecca
    71 days ago
  • GABY1948
    And I love you, Lynda.....we have been here together for a LONG time, through thick and thin and diseases and we are still going strong...you and I....and I hope to be going strong with you for a long time more!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    71 days ago
  • no profile photo JSEATTLE
    I Know! Passcodes can be tricky, you think you know them and No you Don't! Good Luck though, and glad the Apple person could help!
    71 days ago
    Just too much to remember
    71 days ago
  • no profile photo GREYTDOLPHIN
    I never remember passwords, other than the few I use regularly. For the ones that aren't all that important to me, I always have them send me a link and I get a new one. Glad that you were able to get it straightened out.
    71 days ago
    I know your pain. I had to get a new computer. I have passwords all listed in a big book. These go back to my first computer in 1**8. All at once most of my passwords are not good. I have had to reset so many of t hem and I am so agrugavuted with this process.
    71 days ago
    That is such a nightmare. I have a file with all that stuff in it, but even at that, sometimes a person just has to change something, and it just opens a vortex. I'm glad you survived to tell us about it! emoticon emoticon
    71 days ago
    Password hints is what I keep, only sometimes I create a new account on a new site and think I'll remember it long enough to write down the hint, and then don't make it to the log book! Oh, well... even if you HAVE a book of hints, the sheer volume of the work of re-establishing every bit of your life that you keep online... well, it's a chore and a half! emoticon
    71 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    And we love you too Lynda! emoticon

    Thank goodness for your pilot son! Sometimes, once our computers are all set up, we should just use them and leave the other stuff "as is." Hard to do that though, lol. I like to tinker around with mine and often get into trouble! LOL
    71 days ago
    Wow glad you got that done! How's the weather there today? emoticon emoticon
    71 days ago
    It's good that you got it fixed. I absolutely hate passwords myself.
    71 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    You got it fixed, though. We all need a little help sometimes.
    71 days ago
    I have a log...I think it is time to invest in a Password Manager program for the PC,
    71 days ago
    We keep a notebook with all the passcodes sonic we forget or there’s one we haven’t used in some time, we have it at our fingertips. Can’t tell you how many times it’s saved me! I take the notebook when we travel!
    71 days ago
    Wow! What a terrible morning that would be!!! Crazy how at one time we thought that we didn’t need a computer and now we use one everyday!!!!
    Hope that the rest of your day goes better!!!!
    71 days ago
    I too keep a paper list of passwords - you should too. What if something happened & they were all in your head?
    71 days ago
  • ANYVAR54
    Glad you got it straightened out. emoticon
    71 days ago
    After working for IBM for 30 years I got used to how fickle computers can be and I have a special way to create passwords so I can remember them because we used to have to change all the work ones every 90 days. My DH is often heard in the other room cursing the computer at those times I just hang out in my office and wait for the dust to settle.

    71 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    We keep a password book right next to our computers. Every time we change a password, the old one gets crossed out and the date that the new one was created goes next to it. Has helped with quite a few hassles with passwords in the past. That's the only way I would remember them all.
    71 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    71 days ago
    Lynda, I had to change my e-mail address a few years ago as my e-mail was hacked! What a mess! I can sympathize with your problems, and they want passwords with numbers included, and so many letters. How fussy can you get? Do hope you have a relatively sane day! emoticon
    71 days ago
    Yeah, I have one set for everything on my laptop and another set for everything on the work laptop. And never the twain shall meet. emoticon
    71 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    71 days ago
    It happened to me a couple months ago. During the night, my computer upgraded & I was to restart it in the morning. I did....my world crumbled. I could get as far as "on"....nothing more. I took my tower to my friendly service guy & in all the mix, I lost almost all my data.....addresses, messages, all the changing passwords, you name it. Was I a happy camper NO WAY. But life moved on. What I haven't been able to replace is lost forever & maybe I didn't need to keep it. I know it was my fault in not saving to my external device. Even after time with my service guy, I'm not exactly sure what I should click. It's hard to teach old dogs new tricks & I continue to stumble along.
    emoticon emoticon
    71 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Passwords for this, passwords for that, passwords for everything...and they should be different...and simple to figure out or remember...with uppercase and lowercase letters...with numbers...with different symbols...

    Ain't a chance I will remember them all...so I write them down in a special place...that I'll remember where they are...

    'Tis difficult and I share your pain LOL!!
    71 days ago
    71 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Glad you got it fixed!!
    71 days ago

    I keep a password book locked up in my desk which has a KEY to unlock said desk.

    GET you a little notebook at walmart or wherever you shop up in the far north country......

    Some places even have a book just for passwords, but a notebook, small, with a label on the FRONT
    that says PASSWORDS.

    Everything you have to have a password for, sparkpeople, tax people, write on a separate page,
    enter your User ID: _______ then your PASSWORDS:_________.

    Presto. no more forgetting. Go to notebook. I have to do this. I have a listing for all of my
    stuff, then a separate set of pages for Davids' passwords and user id's.

    Will save you pulling thy hair out by thee roots..............when you forget...........as I do.

    71 days ago
    emoticon Right back at you! emoticon
    emoticon Glad you got everything figured out. emoticon
    71 days ago
    71 days ago
    emoticon emoticon we would sure be lost with you thankful all is well . i use dash line to store mine and a phone book for back up. what a pain thinking up new pass words i have hundreds for spark people have to make up a new one every time i visit my brother seems spark is likes to make me nuts when i go on vacation. have a happy rest of your day.. looks like you are not alone dealing with passwords emoticon
    71 days ago
    I had that happen yesterday to get into my emails. All of a sudden they wanted my password. I am sure i have it somewhere? Thankfully it quit asking but I will look it up. No way can anyone remember all the passwords we have all entered and used. The ones I did memorize had to be changed so I don't remember them either. emoticon Computers are great until you hit a glitch you can't figure out! I have been frustrated so many times but have heard from my family I need to keep calm??
    We are having a T storm and finally getting some water. No gardening till later. Our chocolate lab is afraid of thunder so is now camped in her crate and has not been out, won't come out!! I have kept one treat for her and the puppy, low cal, and hope it will get her out. I was petting her and found sticky fur by her ear so now need to clean the ear which she also dislikes. Must be a Monday!!
    Still people coming up here hoarding yet at the store. Wish I could stand there and tell them no. One of the cashiers asked a usually nice lady if she please would leave some of the lettuce because they can't get much and she grabbed all of it!! There was a question somewhere that asked why people are hoarding TP? I always wondered that too. Now they are hoarding Campbell's soup so we couldn't get chicken with rice soup for our pork chop dish. Soup?? How many people out there have shelves full of things that will probably spoil?? Go figure. I can't, we never even thought to hoard anything. I guess they are the kind that don't care if anybody else has what they need as long as they do? emoticon emoticon going to try and follow my program starting with a new month!!

    71 days ago
    The best way is to put them on a list on a piece of paper - write them by hand. Keep it next to your computer. What is writing? Think back to your childhood. Sometimes the old ways are still the best.
    71 days ago
    Back at ya Lynda!!! Somedays I could just cry when technology kicks my butt!! and that's a big one. (((HUGS)))
    71 days ago
  • no profile photo CHAYOR73
    Passwords?PassCodes drives me crazy too!! I'm happy all is good!! emoticon
    71 days ago
    Awwww, love returned, Linda!

    As for passwords, one word . . . ARRRRRGH! I have 'em written down or I'd be toast!

    71 days ago
    That's why I have an excel file with all of my passwords for all of the sites I visit. Plus, I follow a few basic parameters which allows for effective guessing.

    71 days ago
    It's so frustrating when the computers don't work like they are suppose to.
    71 days ago
    I know what you mean. I have a rolodex that I keep user names and passwords on the different sites I visit. There is no way I could remember them all. emoticon emoticon
    71 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    71 days ago
    I'm with you.....passwords are a nightmare. Necessary, however.
    71 days ago
    Oh dear, I better start loking up my passwords.
    71 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    We love you, too!
    I’ve gotten to the point of wondering whether the passwords really do any good or serve any purpose.
    They make sense when people have to share a device, I guess.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    71 days ago
    I bought a little notebook and keep all my passwords in that - in pencil of course!
    71 days ago
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